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The Little Red Fleece Jacket

September 14, 2011

The Little Red Fleece Jacket

The other day spotlight had fleece on sale. So I bought a meter in Red. Why? I dont know.

except that red looks great on her

I do know that at the end of every season my oldest seems to have a growth spurt, too late in the season to waste money buying her new clothes but too early for the changing weather. So I thought I’d use my red fleece to make her a jacket that didn’t come up short on the sleeves, I wouldn’t normally choose to make a jacket out of fleece but she needed something warm and cheap. However, now that I’ve done it I totally love it!

retro fabric for the lining

I drafted up a pattern using a jumper (that still fits) as a guide for size, I was surprised it worked really well! It actually only used 1/2 a meter of fleece and the hood lining and other details are made from some vintage fabric mum gave me from her stash she had when I was little. So it was a really cheap project. Plus, I’m super happy with how cute it is on her!

The jacket in action

Generally I think jackets need lining but it seemed odd to line the fleece seeing it was so soft inside, so instead I sort of ‘wrapped’ the seams in a lining fabric. I love the way it worked out. Everywhere you’d see the edge of the fabric I wrapped it in some home made binding. I think I’ll do this more often!

wrapped raw edges

even inside the sleeves got the treatment

using another of my 'home made tags'

It seems to be good at keeping her warm while we’re out playing in the cool spring air!

red jackets are great for running in the park

Now what should I do with the other half a meter?