Life is sweet.

I live in western australia, and love it. I’m a mum of two girls, a toddler and a baby. I love craft blogs and interior style. I’m about to start renovating our ‘forever home’ with my husband. There will be some posts as I research and gather ideas to help me decide how to renovate and decorate my new home.

There will be some posts as I share creative ideas and people that I’m impressed with. I’m guessing there will also be posts where I’m just bragging about what I’ve made! I hope to share with you some of my ideas too and encourage others that its really pretty easy and you should all have a go.

You’ll also find Gluten Free recipes. I’ve been eating gluten free for nearly 10years of my life. I dont like to go on about being Coeliac its just part of how I have to eat, its not something that identifies me but I do LOVE cooking and baking. So if you want some tried and tested gluten free recipes that don’t make you miss the old food, try out some of mine!

In a past life (is it really only a couple of years ago?!) I was a wedding photographer, and probably will be again.

For now my focus is on my family and finding a way to give my children a wholesome healthy upbringing. Bring on the good life, this is my blog about it.

2 Responses to “About”

  1. Sharon Says:

    You have a lovely blog. I’ve just made a rainbow pencil roll and featured it on my blog. I have left a link back to your tutorial that you kindly shared with readers.

  2. Kate Says:

    Hello from Melbourne on Christmas Eve morning!

    I love accidentally coming across a lovely blog from Australia — google led me to yours with my image search for Sarah Jane quilts* (yours is gorgeous, just right, love it). Then I read on and enjoyed your crayon melting post which is perfect timing for me with school holidays and a hideously over-stuffed kids’ craft cupboard, so thank you for that idea!

    What a lovely blog you have, I’m most impressed.
    All the best,

    * Pre-planning my post-Christmas sale online fabric order from the USA — my present for myself. Are all the fabric-obsessed women of Australia thinking the same, I wonder? Or are they still cutting through their Cyber-Monday haul?

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