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Back from New York!

December 18, 2011

New York from the Empire State - by Sherri

So I’m back. Finally.

I went on a fabulous trip to New York and I finally feel like I’ve got time to blog again.

I had the most amazing time away. I got to go away with my bestie Sherri and a couple of her friends from Canada. We had an amazing time and one of the other girls I was privledged to hang out with was Rosa. She’s a far more prolific blogger than me so you’ll probably find much more interesting New York stories on her blog flutter flutter if you’re interested at all! Actually check out this post of where we stayed! Yes, it was as small as it looks but it was perfectly appointed and it couldnt have been in a better location!

Not only was it amazing to see my gorgeous friend again, I had an AMAZING time in NY what a fantastic city. Here are a couple of highlights of my favourite things we did, places we went. I start with our trip to Purl because I guess its like going to the Sewing Mecca in New York right? Its walls of colour matched lusciousness and inspiring projects! Seems appropriate to start here:

Purl Soho - Store Front

Purl Soho - Store Front

Purl Soho - Liberty Luciousness

Purl Soho - Liberty Luciousness

Purl Soho - Yarn Wall

Purl Soho - Yarn Wall

Inspiring Purl Projects

Purl Soho - like coming home

Purl Soho - like coming home

Then of course the other place I went that I have to share is Babycakes, I went just to try their gluten free goodness. Isn’t it the cutest store?

Baby Cakes - Soho

Baby Cakes - Soho

Baby Cakes

Babycakes Vanilla Cupcake

Babycakes Vanilla Cupcake

As a bakery they bake more than gluten free, they also bake vegan, egg and dairy and sugar free too. As Sherri said to me ‘what do they make it out of, air?’ Which is a good call. To be totally honest, I wasn’t that huge a fan. I often say if I have to be gluten free, give me everything else. (which is essentially all the fat and sugar I can find!) However, if you have a lot of allergies or food issues I think what they do is AMAZING. While I wasn’t that huge a fan I did LOVE and still dream about their Mounds Bar. Which for us ozzies is is like a Bounty, oh how I’ve missed Bountys. I would kill for a Babycakes mounds bar right now.

New York Rain

New York Rain

The Corner Store (on our corner!)

The Corner Store (on our corner!)

Obsession - Anthropologie - soho

Obsession - Anthropologie

inside Anthropologie Soho

inside Anthro, clever lighting

The Highline - a raised garden

The Highline - a masterpiece of design and ingenuity

the highline used to be an disused railway

the highline used to be an disused railway

Ground Zero - new growth/rebuilding reflection

Ground Zero - inspiring new growth and rebuilding reflection combo

best NY jazz club

best NY jazz club - Bar 55

NY Jazz, I could have listened all night

NY Jazz, I could have listened all night

cute place we dined at

Subway - Union Square

Subway Riding

Friedmas - BEST GLUTEN FREE DINER - awesome BLT

Friedmas - BEST GLUTEN FREE DINER - awesome BLT

New Yorkness

New Yorkness

Le Labo - Amazing place where they blend your fragrance for you.

Le Labo - Amazing place where they blend your fragrance for you.

Le Labo - truth.

Le Labo - truth.

Times Square Sunset

Times Square Sunset

and this is just the half of it! It was a trip of a life time. I had a blast.

Now there is only a week till Christmas but as I kind of count down I’m going to attempt to share all my Christmas crafting with daily count down posts!

as usual all photos are copyright to me! Just ask if you want to use them.

Prints for the kids

June 6, 2011
prints for little girls room

perfect prints for a little yellow room

A little while ago I bought some lovely prints from the very talented illustrator Sarah-Jane.

Sarah Jane Trio

A sweet trio

three of the sweetest chairs

the happiest picture ever

It took some time but I finally got them framed and today we put them up in the rooms they were intended for.

Big Girl Room:

Illustrations for a little girls yellow room

the sweetest prints

She actually believes they are drawings of her, and I think they could be. She loves butterflies. She has a little friend ‘willy’ the-wag-tail who visits her in the garden and she LOVES jumping in muddy puddles. She has even requested and outfit just like her favourite print in the middle.

Little Girl Room:

Goldilocks' Three Chairs

For my little Goldilocks. I completely understand why Goldilocks had to try all three chairs when I see them like this! Too sweet. And perfect sitting above the chair in her room.


children at play

These children playing, to me, epitomises the imaginative, uninhibited play of children. I hope my children feel the freedom to play in this way. It seemed appropriate to place this in their playroom above the cupboard that houses some of their toys. It also reminds of a memory I have of my brothers and sisters and I, traipsing along in the dappled sunshine down the road where we lived, some of us on bikes, one on a skateboard and our littlest brother being pulled along in our home made cart. I think we were off on an adventure, we were always were.

The cuteness of these images is extreme isnt it?!

I think Sarah-Jane has the ability to capture all the joy of childhood. Her work makes me smile every time I look at it. Oh and she is about to release a fabric line, I think I might die when I finally can get my hands on it. Its possibly the cutest fabric I’ve ever seen. I’m not really gushy over many people (well people I dont actually know personally) but I love her stuff! Her and Sarah Richardson… wow maybe its something about the name Sarah!

Milk and Cookies?

June 3, 2011

milk and cookies anyone?

Recently one of my best friends went to Canada for a family wedding (different best friend to the one who actually lives in Canada) and she brought me back a gift from …


YEP Anthropologie! I would say it might be my favourite store but I’m pretty sure you can’t have a favourite store that you’ve never actually been to! But I’m sure if I could get to one, I’d love it! (Isn’t she cute, she even brought me the bag so I could have a complete Anthropologie shopping experience)

So anyway a tiny slice of Anthropologie now sits in my kitchen here in little ol Perth!

Anthropologie milk bottle measuring cups

Its it the coolest thing ever! Its functional and beautiful, all the best objects are. There is such a quaintness to an old milk bottle, but crack it open and violá its bursting with bright colours.


Wallpaper Samples

August 12, 2010

Its here! My samples are here. If you want to try and buy wallpaper in Perth you should totally do it this way!

yellow wallpaper samples

yellow wallpaper samples

I found it hard to find anywhere that supplied a really broad range of papers in Perth. So I found this website. Wallpaper direct is amazing. You can browse all kinds of papers then buy samples. You even get a couple for free, I got 7 samples all sent to me for about $10. Decent sized samples too, A4. Its a UK website but they ship to Australia. It has a HUGE range and its not overly expensive either. Here are the real life samples of the yellow wallpaper I blogged about earlier.

yellow wallpaper

I hung them up to help me try and choose

I was so glad I got samples. They really do look different in real life.

This yellow geometric pattern is great and it has this amazing texture, almost foamy. I like it but I dont think it would stay very clean, especially in a kitchen.

yellow wallpaper

yellow and white textured wallpaper

Can you see it?

In real life the colours sometimes look different. This peony wallpaper is a tad too orange-y for what I want, it too is different in real life. There is a visibly painted effect which is lovely.

yellow wallpaper

orangey yellow

I think I like this sapling one the best. Its the simplest of the papers and a little bit more modern than I would have expected to choose but its so cheerful and seems so fresh!

bright and cheerful wallpaper

bright and cheerful wallpaper - sapling

I threw in a couple of samples of some other papers that I thought might be nice for things for the girls.

wallpaper for girls

wallpaper for the girls

I was pleasantly surprised how much I loved this one. My eldest is already claiming it as ‘My pretty bird paper’, she wants to hold it all the time.

pretty bird wallpaper

pretty bird wallpaper

It looked nice on the site but now I’ve seen it in real life I love it and must have it. The next question is what to do with it? Oh it will come to me!

Actually hanging these samples up around the house has given me inspiration of how to hang wallpaper in an alternative way, somehow using the recesses of your doors…hmmmm, I feel an idea whirring.

spoonflower love – design your own fabric

August 3, 2010

I’m beside myself with excitement. I just found a site called Spoonflower. Its a website that allows you to design your own fabric. I KNOW!!!! Could I be more excited?! Now I love anything do-it-yourself, but this is beyond cool! So many many times I can never find what I want, well now I can! Anything, the possibilities are endless.

yellow flower print - by antoniamanda

Fortunately I know my way around a graphics program. It seems that even if you don’t they have tips and suggestions to help you create what you desire. Did I mention I was excited?

pretty flowers

They also have already designed fabrics by other people that you can buy, some are by artists and illustrators, others are just by crafters or hobbyists, some are just by regular people having a go. You can even load your own designs for sale if you like.

Beautiful Dahlia Print

I’ll admit its a little bit pricey. But no more expensive than heading down to your local quilting boutique store and buying some imported fabric. Its certainly cheaper than some of the hand-printed fabrics (lovely and all that they are) that have started emerging in the craft world. Plus its all yours, you designed it, no-one else will have that fabric if you dont want them too. Talk about exclusive!

I’ve not started anything yet, I’m itching too but I want to get the concept just right so I’ve purchased their sample pack (a sample of each of the fabrics you can choose to have your design printed on) and their colour calibration pack (a sample of the colours that print best with their equipment so you can match it to your screen). This will help make sure what I design is what I get. It only cost me USD2. Yep only 2 dollars. Once that arrives I’ll get started.

So I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

In the meantime here are a couple more designs that I like that area already there to buy:

cherry blossom birds by troismiettes

spring rings by mytinystar

seafoam and red by holli zollinger

love doves

Such a Pretty House

August 2, 2010

This house is so pretty I just had to share it. You can see all the photos over at one of my favourite sites Apartment Therapy.

Its actually their guest house but its just so cheerful and bright. I wish I was their friends so I could come and be their guest!

tiny tiny but oh so cheerful

even the crockery is cheerful

beautiful fabrics

pretty pretty fabrics

and look it's yellow - perfect!

ahhh I’m inspired to be all colourful now. The great thing about this house is that while its colourful its basically white. The colour comes from accessories, so it could totally be updated if you ever got tired of it all. Sigh. Beautiful.

Art Prints for my Babies Rooms

July 16, 2010

I’ve wanted to buy some Art or at least Art prints for my girls rooms for a while now. I blogged a while ago about the free art here. I still wanted something else. I think I’ve finally found the artist who’s drawing what’s in my mind.

Oh Happy Day!

I have some clear visions of sweet little girls playing and being happy. Sarah Jane is great at capturing just that.

When I was little I had Yellow Holly Hobbie in my room. The images still sit in my mind today

Yellow and Brown Holly Hobbie

I also was given a felt coloured drawing from my very dear friend, who made it for me.

Felt Drawing Made for me as a Child

She was my ‘big girl’ friend. We’ve all had one, the girl you look up to and love and want to be just like.

These two things are great memories of things that adorned my walls. I want my children to have the same kind of memories of something in their own room.

My trouble now is choosing which one:

May Flowers - So sweet and pretty

April Showers - We love Gumboots and Umbrellas in our house

just a reminder how much I love them

My eldest has a 'birdy friend' just like this one, aptly this is her birthday month

I'm always happy to encourage a love of reading

we love tea parties and have them daily!

seriously I could go on…. I’ll decide, eventually. I’ll aim for them as birthday presents…. 2 months to decide.

inspiring my new header

July 15, 2010

I was browsing and I came across this beautiful linen site Linea Carta

In particular this inspired me

Yellow Check Linen Tea towel

Ships to Australia??!!

July 12, 2010

Often I just browse the net, wishing I could ship things to OZ, wishing that even those few places that do ship here weren’t so expensive on shipping. Well Look what I’ve just found! Urban Outfitters ship to Australia!

Urban Outfitters - ships to Australia

Yes, let me say it again, They ship to AUSTRALIA! For somewhere between 10 and 30USD. That’s fantastic! Sure I’m guessing you cant get that cool rocking chair shipped to you for 30USD let alone ‘free’ but I could totally buy the following items:

Yellow Grey Doona Cover

Yellow Grey Doona (Duvet) Cover (USD68)

UrbanOutfitters First Aid

First Aid Medicine Cabinet (USD24)

Yellow Pin Tucked Sun Dress

Yellow Pin Tucked Sun Dress (USD58)


Woven Black White Flats (USD28)

Blue Crochet Curtains

Faux Blue Crochet Curtains - for Bubs! (68USD)

Urban Outfitters really has some fun things, from homewares, to fashion to furniture. I’m seriously excited about this, I can’t believe the shipping is so cheap. In fact I’m a little skeptical so I’ve emailed the service center just to make sure it’s for real! If it is maybe you’ll see some of these items popping up in my posts in the near future.

I really wish there were stores like that here in Perth. Concept Stores. Well for now I’ll just shop on line! Happy Shopping.

Nursery Room Tour

July 5, 2010

We’re selling our house. In preparation to make the big move to our new-old house, that we’ve been renovating. Part of me is excited about the move but I’m also increasingly nostalgic about leaving this place. So I think there may be a few room tours over the next few weeks, as I try to say good bye to our home.

I wanted to post about our nursery for a while now. Its a blue girls room and I love it. Its still needing some bits and pieces but there is no time for ‘finishing off’ now.

girls blue nursery

blue and white nursery

I’ve never wanted my girls existence to be a parade of barbie pink (although there will always be pink around!) I wanted to find ways to make their rooms girly in a less obvious way.

Blue Girls Room

blue and girly

As I tested paints I found I really needed to choose a very light blue. I chose to paint it Answers by Dulux, which is a soft, pale, sky blue. I think its perfect blue colour for a baby girls room. I then coupled it with the brightest of whites (WA white by Solver) on the picture rails and above. Almost like the colour combination of a blue sky with fluffy white clouds.

Blue Girls Nursery

Blue and White for a Baby Girl

I then wanted to make it more girly by accenting with pink and purple. I’d found this stash of vintage flannelet in some fabrics my mum gave me that she bought when I was little.

Pink Orange and Purple Vintage Flannelet

Pink Orange and Purple Vintage Flannelet

It was $1.50 for two meters! From Woolworths! (it still had its price tag, stapled on!) Now if only I could pick up awesome, good quality fabric at fabulous prices from Woolies these days!!! The little orange and pink flowers inspired me to include orange into the accent colour mix. Using that I made bedding for the bassinet.

pink, orange, blue and purple basinet bedding

vintage flannelet basinet bedding

I bought the bassinet on-line from gumtree for $20! I like this woven style as it still seems soft enough, to put a baby in, but doesn’t bother me (about SIDS) like the flouncy, fabric covered kind do.

white basinet with handmade bedding

white woven bassinet

The little quilt (don’t look too close it’s my first quilt!) is backed in it and large enough that she now uses it in her cot. (The cot, which was handmade by my Dad.)

Baby quilt

Baby Quilt

For the rest of the room we really just re-purposed what was already there. The room still houses our guest bed and once used to be our master bedroom so has a wall of cupboards for storage and clothes.

Blue Girl Nursery

Blue Girls Nursery

Instead of removing them and putting in a change table we just installed a supported shelf where a hanging rod used to be and there you go, instant change table. Its actually really safe because there is hardly anywhere for her to roll off. Plus I have room to store nappies and wipes and everything else you might need.

Repurposed Wardobe as change table

The wardrobe made into a baby change area

The shelves at the end make perfect storage for all those tiny baby things.

Converting a Wardrobe to change table

Baby Storage in the Wardrobe

A few pink accents and a bit of whimsy here and there and I think its on its way to being a fun place for bubs to grow into.

Pink Blue Nursery Details

Fun Pink and Girly Accents

In fact to try and help make the move as easy on bubs as possible we’ve started decorating her new room in a the same way. Although I’m sure as she grows it will evolve. So I might update you one day.