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Simple Dress Request

March 12, 2012


Now that my oldest is a kindergarten I often get to go to the fabric store with just one child in tow. Which is sometimes easier and sometimes not.

On our last trip she did not want to be in the trolley, so I let her wander around looking at all the fabric. (normally when there is two of them doing this its more like a crazy game of hide and seek, with me telling them off every 5 seconds…. yeah go on judge me, before I actually had kids I would have judged me too!) With a little more focus than usual, she was taking time to actually look at the fabric rather than hide behind it.


After I caught up with her I found her stroking some baby whale with Lots of Colourful little birdies all over it. Looking up at me with her big eyes she said ‘Mama make me a dress?’ Not really in love with the fabric but totally in love with the request I suggested a couple of other fabrics near by, but boy was she adamant. That was the one she wanted. As we were lining up to buy a meter she also requested a little squashy ducky to go with her dress. I drew up a pretty simple A-line dress pattern and added a few fun details and its not too bad!


I haven’t got the softie done yet, which she’s pretty dissapointed about but I do have the dress. She’s loving it, its actually hard to talk her into wearing anything else. So whilst its not my favourite thing ever her love for it and her involvement in it makes it one of the best projects I’ve ever done.