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Japanese Bubble Skirt

March 23, 2012

A little friend of ours is turning 5! Currently this sweet little number is winging its way to her house.

Japanese Pattern Skirt

Japanese Bubble Skirt

Its a really simple cute as a button pattern from this Japanese kids clothing book.

Japanese Pattern Book

Japanese Pattern Book

I actually had a few issues with the pattern itself. Well I think that was the problem. If my guessing at what the Japanese means is right (and its probably not) some of the measurements are way out. In the end I took the general idea of the skirt and made most of it up. I really hope it fits!! I think it will be the perfect little skirt to jump around in with leggings and boots in the change of season that she’s about to experience.

Bows make the skirt bubble

Cute Little Bows

The skirt sports cute little bow ties at the bottom which gives it its bouncy look.

French Seams

French Seams

And the pattern calls for french seams which I think really finish off this simple skirt beautifully.

Japanese Bubble Skirt

Japanese Bubble Skirt

and this is me making my oldest try it on so I felt like I was at least close to the right size seeing I fiddled with it so much. I actually think it should sit a little shorter so hopefully it’ll fit perfect!

Well its here

May 5, 2010

Today in my mail box I saw this poking out.

mail from Japan

package from Japan

How cute is that wrapping? Its like plastic lace. I love people who pay attention to detail.

Inside was this

Handmade For Children Japanese Pattern Book

Handmade For Children Japanese Pattern Book

So exciting.

I’ve even cut out the fabric (after making just one mistake) for that little puffed sleeve shirt on the cover. I will admit this book is harder to follow than the last one. But the designs are so cool. Just simple and sweet. I think I want to make all of them. I’m hoping once I’ve done one, I’ll get the hang of it and it will be easier to follow the other patterns. Part of the confusion is that many of the styles are based on the one basic pattern, its the instructions on the many adjustments that make it a little confusing. Well, that, and its all in Japanese!

However I am putting my sewing machine in a box at the end of this week and moving house. I’m sad that this will be my last sewing project for a while. I’m also a little bit excited that next time I sew something it will be from my new house and I will be looking out over our new backyard from my tiny 2meter x 2meter sewing room (come shared office). I may not have a dining room but I do have a sewing room! Priorities!

Whilst we’re on house hiatus I’ll still have things to share! So keep visiting! I’ve got a series of ‘quick meals’ planned that I’ll share.

baked risotto...coming soon

Things that will be great while we are selling our house but will also be great for those of you who work and want a quick mess free meals, hang on don’t we all want that? Stay tuned!

Japanese Cuteness

May 2, 2010

So you may remember my post lamenting the fact that I was trying to sew in Japanese! Well it really wasn’t so bad.

Purple overall dress from Japanese Pattern book

Overall dress from Japanese Pattern book

Yes, all that fuss over nothing. I found as I went to put it together, it really was quite simple and I could decipher enough from the diagrams to know what to do next. Now I have a cute little winter overall-dress for my eldest.

Japanese Overall Dress

Japanese Overall Dress

Oh and check out the lining!

fun lining fabric

fun retro lining fabric

Its meant to be a self lined project but I felt that using corduroy, even with baby whale, it would be too thick. When I found this fabric I bought a whole lot. I think a little shirt with jeans would look fun. So I bought that book too.

Handmade For Children Japanese Pattern Book

Handmade For Children Japanese Pattern Book

I’m going back for more so I guess it wasn’t so hard after all!

Long Weekend – what are you doing?

April 23, 2010

So far my long weekend has involved a lot of this

Baby Food Galore

Baby Food Galore

I’m hoping it will also involve some of this

minky fabric

minky fabric

and the finishing off of this

simply purple

simply purple

I hope your long weekend is full of getting things done, having fun, and remembering. Just because you can’t eat Gluten doesn’t mean you can’t have an ANZAC biscuit to celebrate this great nation that was fought for, for us.

Gluten Free Anzac Biscuits

Gluten Free Anzac Biscuits

Check out my Gluten Free Anzac Biscuit Recipe.

Kids Sewing + Japanese Pattern Book = ???

April 5, 2010

turning Japanese, oh yes I’m turning Japanese, I really think so, da daa da da da dah daaaa…  I’ve had that song stuck in my head since I started this project.

Ondori Pattern Book

Pattern I'm making from Ondori Pattern Book

I’m super excited about it, but its a little harder than I thought.

no english!

no english!

See that “g” its the only bit of English in the entire book. Sorry I lie, the word Simple is in English too. Here’s hoping!

Japanese Pattern Book Confusion

A head scratching moment

So I’m standing here with all this and even trying to figure out which piece goes with the pattern I’m making is difficult.

Japanese Pattern Book Diagrams

Japanese Diagrams

The diagrams are few, I have to rely on them solely because I have NO IDEA what any of that says.  To me they say, “sew this to that and then you’re finished!”. Somehow I think there are a few more steps than that!

Regardless of all that I’m hopeful I can figure it out, and I’m no way put off buying the book. I’m already searching for what other books I want to buy!

Handmade For Children Japanese Pattern Book

Handmade For Children Japanese Pattern Book

This one for these patterns

Cute Japanese Pattern Book Skirts

Cute Japanese Skirts

Cute Japanese Pattern Book Jacket

Cuuuute Jacket!

Or maybe this

Lets Go Out Japanese Dress Pattern Book

Lets Go Out Japanese Dress Pattern Book

For these Patterns

Japanese Pattern Book Dress

Pleated Bodice Dress

Japanese Pattern Book Winter Jacket

Winter Jacket

I must see if I can use the one I’ve got first!