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Japanese Bubble Skirt

March 23, 2012

A little friend of ours is turning 5! Currently this sweet little number is winging its way to her house.

Japanese Pattern Skirt

Japanese Bubble Skirt

Its a really simple cute as a button pattern from this Japanese kids clothing book.

Japanese Pattern Book

Japanese Pattern Book

I actually had a few issues with the pattern itself. Well I think that was the problem. If my guessing at what the Japanese means is right (and its probably not) some of the measurements are way out. In the end I took the general idea of the skirt and made most of it up. I really hope it fits!! I think it will be the perfect little skirt to jump around in with leggings and boots in the change of season that she’s about to experience.

Bows make the skirt bubble

Cute Little Bows

The skirt sports cute little bow ties at the bottom which gives it its bouncy look.

French Seams

French Seams

And the pattern calls for french seams which I think really finish off this simple skirt beautifully.

Japanese Bubble Skirt

Japanese Bubble Skirt

and this is me making my oldest try it on so I felt like I was at least close to the right size seeing I fiddled with it so much. I actually think it should sit a little shorter so hopefully it’ll fit perfect!


Easter Craft and Baking

May 4, 2011

Hope you all had a Happy Easter. Somehow the 5 days afforded me lots of time to craft.

Easter dresses, which they immediately spent all day playing in the sand pit in… oh well that’s what they’re for right!

Easter Dresses

I made them from Japanese Voile, from a vintage pattern and a Japanese children’s book pattern.

Vintage Pattern and Japanese Childrens Clothing Book

The book pattern was even easier than the vintage pattern, even without any English.

Easter Dress Pattern from Japanese Childrens Clothing Book

I even figured out how to self-line the bodice (not part of the pattern) which helps with Voile as its so light weight. I love the little ruffly sleeves. This really was an amazingly easy pattern.

Easter Dress from Vintage Pattern

The vintage pattern was more complicated. The sizing was all off and I ended up winging it a fair bit.

If you look close you’ll see the pattern is a size 18mnth old. I put it on my 18month old and thought uh oh, and then I put it on my 3 year old. It fit the 3 year old – go figure! Although I still ended up making quite a few changes. Needless to say that pattern is not coming out again. (I guess I should have paid attention to the scribbles of ‘do not reorder’ across the top.)

Still, in the end the dresses turned out cute! I thought the bubbly fabric was Eastery and fun.

I made these little bunnies for the girls (from this free pattern by Hilary at wee wonderfuls) and put them outside their bedroom doors, with a small egg at their ‘feet’.

Bunny Softies For Easter

I cant take the credit for the cute embellishment ideas. I saw on flickr Katie another crafty-mama had done the same thing on a christmas gift. I hope she doesn’t mind! Isn’t imitation the greatest form of flattery or something?

When the girls woke up in the morning I could hear squeels of delight and they both came in hugging their bunnies and munching on the egg. They haven’t put them down all easter. So I’d say they’re a winner.

And having lots of family around gave me a great excuse to bake.

Cupcake Easter Nests

Easter Egg Cupcake Nest

Easter Egg Cupcake Nest

This is a Gluten Free Hazelnut Chocolate Cheesecake (topped with Raspberry Coulis and Easter Eggs). Its to die for. Literally. Its so rich but it will have you going back for more everytime. I can’t wait till we finished it so I dont feel like I put on 3 kilos everytime I eat a slice.

Gluten Free - Chocolate Hazelnut Baked Cheesecake

Gluten Free - Chocolate Hazelnut Baked Cheesecake

Oh and we made a new addition to our family….

3 day old chickens

They are the cutest little things. The kids LOVE them.

Three day old chickens

Happy Easter