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Gelato Skirt Gift

April 5, 2012
Gelato Ruffle Skirt

Gelato Ruffle Skirt

It’s birthday fever around here, lots of birthday presents in the works.

In my mind I’ve been wanting to make a little layered skirt for my eldest’s best-friend for a while. As her birthday was coming up I was on the hunt for some sweet yellow fabric, as yellow is her favourite colour. This is probably the main reason I think the girls are best friends! hahah. Little kids are so awesome.

‘You love yellow?’

‘Yellow is my favourite colour too’

‘Wow, lets be best friends’

Ahhh, the innocence is so adoreable! Oh and they ‘had me at Yellow‘ too!

yellow labels

yellow labels too!

I found some adoreable fabric, but when I got it home I found the piece they had cut for me had marks all over that. Don’t you hate that?! When I went back to get more it had all sold out.

But that’s ok. While I was wondering around I saw that there was a whole new lot of Lawn in stock in lots of pretty colours. I was sold and in the end I think what I came up with was better!

ruffle skirt

ruffle skirt

Lucky for me I hardly had to do any work figuring this one out. Three days before I was about to start Dana must have read my mind because she posted this post. Boy I love her blog! So many times I’ve gone to do something and she’s already gone ahead and made it easy for me!

Of course I always have to tweak things! So I followed the general construction but I changed the sizes of things. For my skirt I didn’t want to see any of the ‘connector pieces’ like you could see in the Dana version so I made sure my ruffle pieces were 1.5cms longer than the connectors. I think this was particularly important as I was using three colours and it was in Cotton Lawn which is a bit transparent. A quality that I love because it makes it so light and bouncy but I wanted to make sure each colour held its own when layered.

careful layer construction

careful layer construction

I also had to match up my pieces carefully. When stitching you have to make sure the connector piece that sits under the ruffle is the same colour. Finally because I hate raw edges (yeah, my own personal issue!) I had to roll hem each strip! lots of work but worth it I think!

gelato ruffle skirt

gelato ruffle skirt

She’s been wearing her gift to kindy the last few days so I’m pretty sure she loves it as much as I did. I have two more requests for these (I wonder by who!!??) so I might have to line all three of them up and take a picture when I’m done!! Rainbow, gelato ruffles everywhere!!

ruffle skirt made from Cotton Lawn

bouncy ruffle skirt