Modern Baby Boy Quilt

modern baby quilt

modern baby quilt

Remember the bunting I made recently? Well here is the matching bedding! Inspired by this gorgeous quilt that Holly from Bijou Lovely made for her friend Kelly, who came up with the design. I made up the dimensions myself as Holly hasn’t posted a tutorial or a pattern on it yet (but I think she plans too). I loved its simplicity and fortunately its simplicity made it easy to figure out a block size that suited our fabric choices.

Modern Baby Quilt

Modern Baby Quilt Front

modern baby quilt back

Modern Baby Quilt Back

When I found out the plan for the baby’s room was aqua/turquoise kind of tones I knew that the Backyard Baby fabric range would be perfect. I got my friend to choose her favourites from there and I added to those with complimentary soilds, dots and stripes from Spotlight.

windy day, backyard baby

I love this windy day one and its little heart carved into the tree trunk and eggs in the nest in the tree branches, oh and the birds with scarves! cute cute cute.

dots, backyard baby

dots, backyard baby

how sweet are the acorns inside some of these dots?!

birch forrest, backyard baby

birch forrest, backyard baby

The beauty of birch trees aside, those little orange caps on the woodpeckers head! sweet!

Put all the fabrics together and I think it creates quite a nice modern baby boy colour pallet.

all together - a modern baby boy pallet

all together – a modern baby boy pallet

I also put together a new bassinet mattress and some fitted sheets. I just bought extra of some of the stripe fabric because it was the softest cotton I’ve felt in a long time. Like a brushed cotton or something. Perfect for bubs to rest his sweet little head. If you need to make your own bassinet bedding, because lets face it, its almost impossible to buy, you can! Its very easy.

Just take your mattress (I got this one cut at Clarke Rubber using the old mattress as a template) place it on top of your fabric. Trace its outline.

Measure the depth of your mattress, add 2.5cm to this. Now redraw your shape you just traced onto the fabric but keep this distance away from your original line. ie. if your mattress plus your seam allowance is 7.5cm, draw your shape 7.5cm larger all the way around. Cut it out. Measure the perimeter of the edge of your fabric, three quaters of this distance will be your elastic length. Sew a casing seam all the way around and thread it with thin elastic about 5mm x 3/4 the perimeter of your original edge. Stitch to secure. Done! Now make a couple, because you know babies, they aren’t all softness and sweet smelling. Spew and poop. Yep.

matching bassinet mattress and fitted sheet

from underneath – bassinet mattress and fitted sheet

goes beautifully with the quilt

goes beautifully with the quilt

I hope his quilt is a place for playing and for snuggles for many years!

baby quilt - made with love.

baby quilt – made with love.


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11 Responses to “Modern Baby Boy Quilt”

  1. Karen Says:

    Micah says ‘I luuuuuurve my bed & quilt Aunty Clara..:) I have already had many wonderful dreams lying on well as all the other messy stuff that babies like me do!’ xx

  2. Krista Says:

    I’d love to know what dimensions you used and how thick of white strips between the patterned fabrics. It’s so lovely I’m going to make one similar for our baby on the way! 🙂

  3. CC Says:

    What a lovely quilt – great fabrics. I find it harder to pick “boy” fabrics. I happened to come across your blog while looking for ideas for a quilt I am planning to make for my new nephew. Such beautiful projects – I’ll have to have a bit more of a look when I get a chance.

  4. Mel Says:

    Hi, Thank you for this help for making a fitted sheet, I look forward to trying it out for making bassinet fitted sheets for my upcoming baby arrival 🙂 Just for you to know, the word ‘diameter’ should be replaced with ‘perimeter’ or ‘circumference’ so as not to confuse people. For example the diameter of a circle is the width across that circle, whilst the measurement the whole way around the outside of the circle is its circumference 🙂

    • sweetunwrappinglife Says:

      Hey Mel, thats great advice! I’ve made that change, you can tell by my use of the word ‘diameter’ in inverted commas that I could not figure out the proper word for the life of me! Thanks so much for suggesting it, I’d much rather I was helpful than confusing! 🙂

  5. scout1282 Says:

    Do you remember the name of the blue stripe fabric that you used? I love it, and cannot find it anywhere! thanks..

  6. dirtgirl Says:

    Thanks for your instructions for the bassinet fitted sheet. I followed them exactly but found that 3/4 of the perimeter in elastic was way too much and had to end up cutting elastic to just over half the actual perimeter in order for it to bunch up and fit around the bed nest mattress securely. I am wondering if others who have made this found the same problem. Anyway with adjustments made to elastic it is now perfect and total cost was a mere $3.50, as found the off cut of a beautiful fabric in an op shop, so really appreciated your easy explaination/instructions. I have a heap more material that I will be using to make more sheets (for grandchild due in a couple of weeks) Happy sewing. Love your choice of fabrics you used.

  7. littleredmonkeys Says:

    Thanks for posting this baby blanket just purchased some fabric and going to make when it arrives!! Can’t wait

  8. Nienke WJ (@Nienke) Says:

    I’m hoping you still read the comments on this blog. I’m making a bassinet sheet for a similar mattress with rounded edges, however I’m confused as to how to make the casing rounded? Or did you just cut a rectangular and will the elastic casing shape the sheet rounded? Please let me know, that would be a huge help!

    • sweetunwrappinglife Says:

      Hi Nienke! Not for ages, sorry! I hope I’m not too late to be of some help. I just cut the shape of the fabric the same, but larger, as the rounded corner mattress. It worked really well. In fact it will be easier to make the casing on this way than if you cut rectangle with square corners. Does that make sense? Let me know if it doesnt and I’ll try and explain again. 🙂 Good luck, send me a picture!

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