Handmade Fabric Ornamnets

Handmade Fabric Ornaments

Handmade Fabric Ornaments

So I wanted to make something meaningful for my girlfriends for Christmas, I thought a little handmade ornament for the tree might be something nice. I got my girls involved and they ‘helped’ make some for their friends too. I think its nice, they can pop it on the tree each year and remember its from us.

I used the tutorial at belle and burger, I love her thought process behind the original idea. Houses are so protective and there is something christmassy about that isn’t there? I guess a house is often your home and that’s where family is.

I had fun using some of my favorite scraps up and picking ones that I though would suit each specific friend and her decor. Most of my friends have young kids, breaking ornaments seem to go hand-in-hand with young children, so I thought the fabric ornaments would suit my friends with little kids ‘at that age’.

This one is scraps from a quilt I made for my friends little boy.

Fabric House Ornament

Fabric House Ornament

Dont they look fun hanging on the tree

Dont they look fun hanging on the tree

I love sparkle and lights when it comes to Christmas, a fabric ornament tends to go against that instinct. So I made sure there were some shiny buttons to reflect light!

Fabric House with Sparkle

Fabric House with Sparkle

so shiny!

so shiny!

just add a bit of love

just add a bit of love and hand stitching

of course there had to be a yellow one

of course there had to be a yellow one

top with an interesting hanger

topped with a thoughtful hanger

These are the ones my girls made for their friends. They’re too little to actually cut accurately and sew but I gave them the felt backing and let them choose the fabrics and buttons and ribbons they wanted. They then cut out ‘chunks’ of the fabrics and placed the fabrics where they wanted. I then cut down the chunks and stitched them together for them.

for little girls by little girls

for little girls by little girls

I love this so much I might make it a yearly thing! Handmade ornaments!

What little Christmas traditions do you have that you share with your friends?


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2 Responses to “Handmade Fabric Ornamnets”

  1. Karen Says:

    absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Michelle Says:

    Absolutely amazing! I’ll have to make some next year.

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