More Boy Gifts

Present Gift Bag

Yes, I’m at it again, making Boy Gifts. This one is for a slightly older boy. Our little friend turned 4 on the weekend and we celebrated his birthday, along with the change of season, with a pair of PJ’s. I like giving kids who’s birthdays fall when the seasons change a pair of PJ’s. As a Mum its always the thing I never seem to have on hand. The first, warmer or cooler night and I can’t figure out what to put my kids in because all the stuff from last season no longer fits. Make it out of a fun print and hopefully the little one in your life will love them as much as their parents.

Cars PJ's with cute embelishment on the back

Most 4year olds love the movie Cars (well mine does) so I picked some Cars themed fabric, using a pair of my eldests PJ bottoms, I drafted out the pattern for the pants. I then bought a complimentary target t-shirt and cut out some of the images from the fabric and used a machine applique stitch to attach them to the shirt.

how great is machine applique? - I'll be doing this again!

To top off the present I picked up a cute little colouring in pack, that I wish I bought more of, I think it would be great for colouring in on long car rides.

Cars Boy Gift - all ready to go!


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