Baby Golf Pants

Golf Pants - Baby Gift

So another friend of mine had a baby boy. Pretty sure I haven’t made a baby-girl gift for about a year now! Statistically this does not bode well for me having a boy one day. Everyone else is hogging the boy statistics! hehehe. Does it work like that? Dont get me wrong I’m very happy for them, plus it means I get to make a variety of cute little boy outfits! This time I went with golf pants. I think they’re my new favourite boy thing. Aren’t they the cutest?

Flat fronted - for style, with an elastic back - for comfort

I used Dana’s tutorial and I went with a flat fronted style. I tried to get a bit of a vintage vibe going with the fabric. Paired with a little complimentary onesie and of course a little matching gift sack. Cute! I had high hopes of making a little matching cap but western power in their wisdom decided to switch my power off this morning – as I was finishing off the gift!! Acutally that’s how the hand embroidery on applique letter came about.

Hand Embroidered Applique - courtesy of Western Power

I had plans to button hole stitch around the letter but without power I had to hand embroider. Which I actually love, happy accident…. or something like that.

DIY Clothing Label

My very own lables!

You might notice on the side there’s a little tag. I got my inspiration from See Kate Sew and DIY’d some of my very own labels to put on the things I make. I like the finished look it creates! Plus it will have the added bonus of helping Dad find the back of hand made leggings and things!

Baby Golf Pants!


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One Response to “Baby Golf Pants”

  1. Sherri @ Says:

    I love your little tags! The perfect touch. Once again, brilliant job.

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