Cushions for little tooshies

Kids Floor Cushion

Kids Floor Cushion

Taking all the cushions off the couch and throwing them on the floor to sit and bounce on is one of my girls favourite things to do. I have a cream couch so its really not in the couch’s best interests (or the amount of hours I spend spot cleaning) for this to continue. So I thought, what if I made cushions for the floor?

can't keep the kids off them!

I picked patterned fabric (to hide the dirt, I swear that’s not the only criteria for my fabric choices) and started searching the web for a tutorial or pattern. I really like Dana’s Rollie Pollie tutorial (and pattern) but my girls are still pretty tiny and I wanted something a bit smaller and easier for them to lug around. I think Dana’s will come in handy in a couple of years when its time to set up the play room for real.

I then came across this Floor Pillow Tutorial from Living with Punks. Which I quite liked but again I thought it a bit high. Then I thought hey, I’ll just wing it….why should this be any different from anything else I do?

I started out with the Living with Punks idea and made the proportions wider and shorter. I cut my two circles 52cm (20″) in diameter. I didn’t have a protractor so I invented one. I used a thumbtack stuck a piece of string on the top, tied the other end to a pen. I made the string half the diameter of my circle and drew away! Its not perfect but its more than accurate for this task! I then I made the side fabric 190cm (75″) long and 19cm (7.5″) high (by joining strips of fabric to get the length.

When it came to finishing it off I stuffed the inside with a ‘foam core’. Most of the things I came across on the web just fill with pillow stuffing but I wanted mine a bit more sturdy and I wanted it to maintain its ‘bounce’. So I just went to Clarke Rubber and got them to cut out a foam circle about 10cm smaller than the diameter of my cushion. I shoved it in and then padded it out with poly-fill (normal pillow stuffing). Luckily it turned out how I wanted.

Fun fabric and lug-it-around handle

I made my own piping because, well, its easy, and you can have anything you want that way. In fact it’s so easy I wouldn’t bother with the pre-made stuff unless its exactly what you want. Funnily enough after trying out quite a few fabrics I liked the pink, and I’m not huge on pink, but it looks cute in her yellow room.

the fabric suits the colours in her room

She can now jump on it and drag it round the house all she likes. When it gets so filthy I might attempt to shove it in the wash, otherwise I’ll just make another! Actually I better make another so there are no fights!

running and jumping

jumping and running


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8 Responses to “Cushions for little tooshies”

  1. Von Says:

    That is absolutely gorgeous. I’m pretty sure you can see rays of happiness bouncing around with your little possum.

  2. Michelle Gadd Says:

    Aww! I love those. How do you make your own piping?

    • sweetunwrappinglife Says:

      Hi Michelle, you can buy piping ‘string’ from craft stores, it looks like tiny white rope but its soft and cotton, and comes in lots of sizes, cut yourself a strip of fabric that is four times as wide as the piping string. Iron it in half then use your zipper foot and matching thread to sew it closed, tight against the string. I actually don’t know if that’s the ‘proper’ way to do it but I’ve done it like that for lots of things and it works great! I might put up some pictures showing you how if you’d like! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Sherri @ Says:

    Claire, you’re amazing, as always! Good thing I’m not living close to you cos you’d be my sewing slave! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Michelle Says:

    Thanks Claire! I made piping for a chair I’m recovering

  5. anna Says:

    love this cushion! and the changes you made were fabulous!

  6. Kelly Says:

    This is just what I was looking for. I, too, liked Living With Punks’ cushion, but wanted something larger and flatter. Thanks for the help!

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