Pretty Pillows

Blue and Beige Pillows

I’ve been working on a big project for a while now and I’m on the home stretch. I cant wait to get it done and use it and share it. But I had to take a quick break from that this weekend to whip up a present for my sister-in-law who’s birthday it was (and who I forgot to call even though I spent the entire day working on her gift…go figure!).

She recently got a new blue couch which she loves. I thought a couple of throw cushions might be nice to go on it.

They might look a bit like this on her blue couch!

She has two boys so I thought it would be nice to give her a bit of girlyness, without over doing it, I hope. Plus I figured with that pattern any dirt they brought in wouldn’t show up too much. I was nearly lazy and didn’t put in a zip, but then I thought about the aforementioned boys…silly lady. So I followed Sew Katie Did‘s tutorial on how to insert an invisible zip. Brilliant!

Pillows for a blue couch


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2 Responses to “Pretty Pillows”

  1. Sew Katie Did Says:

    They look great and glad you found the tutorial useful.

  2. Inspired by Fashion – Blue and Beige « RECREATED Says:

    […] via […]

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