Baby Boy Gift

vintage inspired baby boy gift

baby boy gift

I thought I’d share with you a little gift I made for my friends baby boy. I used a vintage overall pattern to make the suit, that coupled with the lining fabric makes a pretty traditional looking baby-boy-blue gift.

vintage pattern overalls with cute as a button lining

I don’t think I’ve found baby fabric that I have thought is more sweet, especially for a boy. Just to make sure they’re still cool and to add a bit of interest when the overalls are on (and you cant see the lining) I added some blue bias tabs.

All the cool babies have bias tabs on their overalls

Stylin baby right?!

Draw String Toy Bag

draw string gift come toy bag

I also tied it all up with this little gift bag I made. A few Peter Alexander Pj’s we’ve been given for the girls come with these and we find them handy for taking toys and snacks out and about, so I thought I’d include one for this new little guy. Plus its a nice way to wrap something!

toy bag and overalls for the little guy


2 Responses to “Baby Boy Gift”

  1. Michelle Says:

    I have loved your blog since Sherri intro’d me to it. All your projects are amazing!

  2. penny Says:

    Aww those dungarees are soooo cute. Bet the mum is delighted to receive them.

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