Prints for the kids

prints for little girls room

perfect prints for a little yellow room

A little while ago I bought some lovely prints from the very talented illustrator Sarah-Jane.

Sarah Jane Trio

A sweet trio

three of the sweetest chairs

the happiest picture ever

It took some time but I finally got them framed and today we put them up in the rooms they were intended for.

Big Girl Room:

Illustrations for a little girls yellow room

the sweetest prints

She actually believes they are drawings of her, and I think they could be. She loves butterflies. She has a little friend ‘willy’ the-wag-tail who visits her in the garden and she LOVES jumping in muddy puddles. She has even requested and outfit just like her favourite print in the middle.

Little Girl Room:

Goldilocks' Three Chairs

For my little Goldilocks. I completely understand why Goldilocks had to try all three chairs when I see them like this! Too sweet. And perfect sitting above the chair in her room.


children at play

These children playing, to me, epitomises the imaginative, uninhibited play of children. I hope my children feel the freedom to play in this way. It seemed appropriate to place this in their playroom above the cupboard that houses some of their toys. It also reminds of a memory I have of my brothers and sisters and I, traipsing along in the dappled sunshine down the road where we lived, some of us on bikes, one on a skateboard and our littlest brother being pulled along in our home made cart. I think we were off on an adventure, we were always were.

The cuteness of these images is extreme isnt it?!

I think Sarah-Jane has the ability to capture all the joy of childhood. Her work makes me smile every time I look at it. Oh and she is about to release a fabric line, I think I might die when I finally can get my hands on it. Its possibly the cutest fabric I’ve ever seen. I’m not really gushy over many people (well people I dont actually know personally) but I love her stuff! Her and Sarah Richardson… wow maybe its something about the name Sarah!


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2 Responses to “Prints for the kids”

  1. Sherri @ Says:

    Claire, I’m so happy you’re back to blogging again. You didn’t even tell me. You’re sneaky!! I just love what you’ve done with the girl’s room. You’re so talented.
    I have passed on the Versatile Bloggers Award to you. Check out my last blog post for details. 🙂

  2. anna Says:

    so pretty! wow, your blog is beautiful, love the little outfit you made too! 🙂

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