Apron for Fun

Apron with babushka trim

In case you hadn’t noticed I cook a lot. I like it. Its great fun, but its messy.
I find having an apron is handy. Its kinda like tying a tea-towel around your waist and having it not only protect your clothes but a place to grab hot dishes and dry your hands without spinning around in circles looking for that tea-towel that you knew was there two seconds ago.

tied with a nice big bow

Now because I think they are handy I inflict them upon my friends as gifts. But I try to make them fun so they don’t feel like nanas and might actually use them! Recently I made this one for one of my best friends. She became a mama just under a year ago. One of the most fun things is cooking with your kids and it wont be long before she is cooking with her little man. So I thought it would helpful to send her some fun things to use in the kitchen with him. Including this apron.

I followed a down-loadable tutorial and free pattern from a website called Living Creatively. I can’t for the life of me find it. I wanted to link you to their site where the download was but it’s just not there. It was an aussie site so I’m a bit sad they’ve disappeared, I searched the web and it seems others are having trouble finding them. The most recent thing I can find on them is a year and a half old so I figure they’ve gone. Such a shame. But I still really want you to be able to have the file so I’m going to load it to this post. I have no idea if thats bad blog edict or down right wrong or completely ok but eh, I guess I can always take it down if someone gets upset. Free Apron Pattern

I had some fun with this one because I was teaming it with some super cute Babushka measuring cups. I have some myself and they entertain the girls for hours in the kitchen, plus they’re useful and they look super cute sitting on top of my fridge! So in keeping with the theme I trimmed it in some fun Japanese print babushka fabric.

Babushka waistband

Wave Trim with Babushka and ric-rack fun!

Added a pocket (that’s not in the pattern)

Added a cute little ric-rack trimmed pocket

Love something that has style and function! That’s the best kind of gift and it’s so easy to personalise.


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