Quilt Square Bag – A Mothers Day Gift

Mothers Day Gift for a Quilter

Mothers Day Gift for a Quilter

Just before mothers day my step-mum lent me her quilting square to use on a little project I’ve been working on. She’s a fantastic quilter and has made the quilts that live in our house. Some of the beautiful things I’ve seen her make for the rest of our family and friends is very inspirational. She even made us a quilt as a wedding gift.

Neutral Tone and Tone Quilt

Our Wedding Quilt

It is a beautiful cream and white quilt that has heaps of sentimental value. It took 3years to make and a lot of it was done by hand while my Dad was recovering in hospital from Leukemia. I think she even made him help at points! I will treasure it my whole life, hopefully if I look after it can become a bit of an heirloom.

Anyway as she handed it to me (the square not the quilt, back on track now) she said ‘don’t mind the corner I dropped it.’ she then said ‘I should really make a bag to protect it but, well, that’s on the list’. I know what she means about the list. All those little crafty projects you want to do but somehow other things skip to the top of the list instead. Usually things for other people. That’s her all over, always crafting for others. So I figured maybe I’ll do a little crafting for her.

Transporting and Protecting a Square Ruler

Protecting her Square Ruler

I don’t know much about the quilting world, but I do know that a lot of the time they pack up and get together, lugging all their gear and machines to the one location. No wonder squares and rulers get dropped. I figured I’d try and help her out by making a quilted quilting square bag.

Quilting Square Bag, Back

The Back, in my favourite fabric at the moment!

My quilting is ummm ‘beginner’ to say the least so I hope its not embarrassing to take it to all her quilting do’s. But at least it’s protected and shouldn’t be dropped any more.

I added a long strap so she can cross it over her body leaving her hands free to grab other things.

Quilt Square Bag

The Bag in action!

I’m really pleased with my ‘perfect mothers day gift’. I love it when a plan comes together.


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2 Responses to “Quilt Square Bag – A Mothers Day Gift”

  1. Von Says:

    I’m calming myself after an afternoon with seriously underslept children by looking at all your beautiful craft and cooking 🙂

  2. My First Quilt « sweet Says:

    […] it! Its taken me ages and I’ve been quietly working away on it for months. I first showed a little hint of it around mothers day where I used my sample square to make a mothers day […]

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