Rainbow Pencil Roll

A little friend of ours turned 4 this week. I find when buying young children’s gifts I always go for clothes. It must be so dull for the poor child but I know the parents are grateful. Well, I always am when I get clothes for my girls because they forever seem to be growing out of them. As the kids we get gifts for get older I try to make sure there is something fun in there too. Which is why I made this pencil roll.

Rainbow Pencil Roll

Rainbow Pencil Roll

Fun isn’t it? I think as a kid I would have loved having one of these. Actually I’d probably be pretty happy to tote one around now. Being someone who loves things to match and have their place I would have carefully made sure each pencil was in its spot every time.

It rolls up so nice and neat too.

Pencil Roll

Pencil Roll

So its easy to carry around for ‘on the go’ sketching and colouring in. Perfect for car trips or plane rides.

Its a really easy project to put together, I think the most time consuming part is matching the fabrics to the pencils. I thought I’d have to go out and buy some but I managed to pull out some fabrics I totally forgot I had. Its also an interesting lesson on the way colours work. For example I knew I didn’t have black but thinly striped grey fabric actually played the roll perfectly, in fact I think it sits nicely with the colours better than a black fabric would have.

There are heaps of tutorials for this sort of thing on the web, just google pencil roll tutorial. I browsed through quite a few but in the end didn’t follow any particular one. Basically I just cut 1.5inch strips, 2inch taller than my pencils, of each colour, and stitched them together with 1/4inch seam allowances. That gave me the size of my roll.

Rainbow Pencil Roll

Rainbow Pencil Roll

I then cut out backing fabric, a piece of flannelet to act as ‘wadding’, and a plain pocket piece all the same size. I layered them the way they would look when finished and folded the pocket piece down to half the height of the backing, I then placed the backing fabric right side down and stitched them all together leaving a gap to turn them out the right way.

Then, using the seams of the coloured strips as a guide I top-stitched the individual pockets. Finishing off the pouch by top-stitching all the way around and inserting a hair tie as the clasp to go around the button. Stitching on the button last to find its perfect spot.

Pencil Roll

Just the spot to keep your pencils

Oh if you one of your kids has a birthday coming up… I hope they like colouring in!


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2 Responses to “Rainbow Pencil Roll”

  1. Heather Feather Says:

    I totally love the pencil roll! I LOVE how the colors of the fabric coordinate with the pencils!

  2. moonsprig Says:

    Oh my gosh! If only I could sew. I know my 6 year old would love this!!

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