Sick of Chocolate

Gluten Free Passionfruit Buttercream Cupcakes

Gluten Free Passionfruit Buttercream Cupcakes

So I’m feeling a bit sick of chocolate. Its a big problem right? Im sitting down to my arvo coffee and I feel like something to go with it and there are all these easter eggs staring at me and I think…nahhhh. Big Problem. Huge! What if this continues? Will I ever love chocolate again?

Ok clearly I’ve lost the plot but hopefully me thinking these passionfruit buttercream cupcakes are yummy is not part of my insanity.

In an attempt to cut the chocolate overload I whipped up a batch of my favourite gluten free vanilla cupcakes and then went to town with the buttercream.

Passionfruit Buttercream Icing

Gluten Free Passionfruit Buttercream

Passionfruit Buttercream

200g cold butter

250g pure icing sugar

4 passionfruit

Whip the butter until light and white as possible. Meanwhile, push the passionfruit juice through a fine sieve with a spoon, leaving behind the seeds and some of the pulp. Add the icing sugar and the juice to the butter and whip until smooth. Ice cupcakes as desired and decorate with remaining seed and pulp. Easy, yummy and they cut through the chocolate overload nicely. The kettle is on!


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One Response to “Sick of Chocolate”

  1. Courtney Rule Says:

    Awesome and easy recipe!

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