getting creative

So for the past 6weeks I’ve been getting creative in Mel Sharpham’s Kensington studio. I’ve been taking one of her clay classes each Tuesday night, and I’m loving it.

Slip Casting two toned bowls

making ceramic bowls

Melaine is a local artisit and she has a business Eucalypt homewares. Her creations are so simple and elegant, yet a bit fun, they are clearly inspired by her life as an Australian. She has pieces in some galleries around Perth and you can find her stuff for sale at the Up-Markets.

Melanie Sharpham Bowls Plates

Mel's beautiful ceramics are stacked on shelves around the studio

Mel sets up a really relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere but shes also managed to cram so many projects into our 6weeks. We’ve made 4 slip cast bowls and 3 dishes and applied different techniques to each. We also made a handful of garden labels. Its been really interesting learning a new craft.

Last week I shot these photos of us working on slip casting and plate making.

Mel shaping a plate

Mel showing us how to shape the edge of our dishes

Unfired Bowls

Some tools, our bowls we've been making, mine has the light blue pattern

slip cast bowl and hand made plate

my bowl and plate from last week

I’ve really enjoyed expending some creative energy, I’ve found it so inspiring to get out on my own and do something artistic. This week all our projects go in the Kiln so fingers crossed there isn’t too much cracking and breaking and I have some beautiful finished creations to show you soon!

Mel unloading the Kiln

Mel unloading the Kiln

I snapped this and another of Mel as I was leaving for the night, she was taking out some children’s handprints cast in clay as well as some things for the next upmarket. I think you might be able to see some of these photos on Mel’s blog plus lots of other fun things she’s been up to!


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3 Responses to “getting creative”

  1. Jess Says:

    Wow! That’s brilliant! I want to do it!

  2. Tanya Says:

    Oh, I love these pics! See you Monday:)

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