Happy Birthday Sam I am

Green Eggs and Ham by Dr Seuss is one of my daughters favourite books. On ABC breakfast radio this morning they announced that it is the 50th anniversary of it being released. So I told the girls that today is Sam I am’s birthday. To celebrate we had green eggs and ham for dinner.

Green Eggs and Ham Book Cover

Green Eggs and Ham

My daughter insisted we have ‘a big ham like that one mum, with a fork’ (pointing to the ham leg on the cover). So I sort of complied. Instead of buying sliced ham (as I would usually do) I bought it as a piece. I should do this more often, its the nicest way to have ham, I think that every christmas then forget to do it through out the year.

Green Eggs and Ham

Our Real Life Green Eggs and Ham

Although a little disappointed that the ham wasn’t green (sorry I’m not taking the food dye to the ham) the she was pretty stoked. Although my effort to make it nutritious by adding English spinach didn’t really fly. After announcing ‘I do like them, I do like green eggs and ham’ she proceeded to say ‘I will not eat leaves’.

green eggs and ham for dinner

green eggs and ham for dinner

However served on a toasted English muffin and topped it with Hollandaise sauce, even us grown-up wanted to eat these green eggs and ham. We do like leaves, ‘they are so good, so good you see’.

To make the eggs green all I did was crack an egg into a small ceramic bowl. I then poured about a teaspoon of green food dye into the egg white and stirred just the white very gently in a circular motion. I let them sit like that for about 10minutes before sliding into the fry pan.

how to make green eggs and ham

how to: green eggs

(To make it gluten free just served mine on top of toasted gluten free turkish bread). We’ve read the book about three times today, but at the moment that’s an average day!


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2 Responses to “Happy Birthday Sam I am”

  1. Jess Says:

    Haha wow!! That is BRILLIANT! Please invite me next time!

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