Wallpaper Samples

Its here! My samples are here. If you want to try and buy wallpaper in Perth you should totally do it this way!

yellow wallpaper samples

yellow wallpaper samples

I found it hard to find anywhere that supplied a really broad range of papers in Perth. So I found this website. Wallpaper direct is amazing. You can browse all kinds of papers then buy samples. You even get a couple for free, I got 7 samples all sent to me for about $10. Decent sized samples too, A4. Its a UK website but they ship to Australia. It has a HUGE range and its not overly expensive either. Here are the real life samples of the yellow wallpaper I blogged about earlier.

yellow wallpaper

I hung them up to help me try and choose

I was so glad I got samples. They really do look different in real life.

This yellow geometric pattern is great and it has this amazing texture, almost foamy. I like it but I dont think it would stay very clean, especially in a kitchen.

yellow wallpaper

yellow and white textured wallpaper

Can you see it?

In real life the colours sometimes look different. This peony wallpaper is a tad too orange-y for what I want, it too is different in real life. There is a visibly painted effect which is lovely.

yellow wallpaper

orangey yellow

I think I like this sapling one the best. Its the simplest of the papers and a little bit more modern than I would have expected to choose but its so cheerful and seems so fresh!

bright and cheerful wallpaper

bright and cheerful wallpaper - sapling

I threw in a couple of samples of some other papers that I thought might be nice for things for the girls.

wallpaper for girls

wallpaper for the girls

I was pleasantly surprised how much I loved this one. My eldest is already claiming it as ‘My pretty bird paper’, she wants to hold it all the time.

pretty bird wallpaper

pretty bird wallpaper

It looked nice on the site but now I’ve seen it in real life I love it and must have it. The next question is what to do with it? Oh it will come to me!

Actually hanging these samples up around the house has given me inspiration of how to hang wallpaper in an alternative way, somehow using the recesses of your doors…hmmmm, I feel an idea whirring.


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One Response to “Wallpaper Samples”

  1. lesley Says:

    the sapling paper is amazing! i love it, what a cheery choice for the kitchen!

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