spoonflower love – design your own fabric

I’m beside myself with excitement. I just found a site called Spoonflower. Its a website that allows you to design your own fabric. I KNOW!!!! Could I be more excited?! Now I love anything do-it-yourself, but this is beyond cool! So many many times I can never find what I want, well now I can! Anything, the possibilities are endless.

yellow flower print - by antoniamanda

Fortunately I know my way around a graphics program. It seems that even if you don’t they have tips and suggestions to help you create what you desire. Did I mention I was excited?

pretty flowers

They also have already designed fabrics by other people that you can buy, some are by artists and illustrators, others are just by crafters or hobbyists, some are just by regular people having a go. You can even load your own designs for sale if you like.

Beautiful Dahlia Print

I’ll admit its a little bit pricey. But no more expensive than heading down to your local quilting boutique store and buying some imported fabric. Its certainly cheaper than some of the hand-printed fabrics (lovely and all that they are) that have started emerging in the craft world. Plus its all yours, you designed it, no-one else will have that fabric if you dont want them too. Talk about exclusive!

I’ve not started anything yet, I’m itching too but I want to get the concept just right so I’ve purchased their sample pack (a sample of each of the fabrics you can choose to have your design printed on) and their colour calibration pack (a sample of the colours that print best with their equipment so you can match it to your screen). This will help make sure what I design is what I get. It only cost me USD2. Yep only 2 dollars. Once that arrives I’ll get started.

So I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

In the meantime here are a couple more designs that I like that area already there to buy:

cherry blossom birds by troismiettes

spring rings by mytinystar

seafoam and red by holli zollinger

love doves


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6 Responses to “spoonflower love – design your own fabric”

  1. little green road Says:

    love the concept. cant wait to see all yr purchases when they arrive!

  2. Von Says:

    Go Claire! Can’t wait to see what you design.

  3. Jess Says:

    Oh that’s a little bit too exciting… I might need to see your samples please 🙂

  4. lesley Says:

    such fun! i have been dying to try out spoonflower ever since i heard about them last year, it is amazing to think of designing whatever you want on fabric 🙂
    i am enjoying strolling through your blog, i’m so pleased you commented on mine so that I found you here! cheers 🙂

    • sweetunwrappinglife Says:

      Lesley, How much fun right? I actually have no time/need to design my own fabric now but I think I’ll just do something because I can! I hope you post about it if you do try it out!
      Thanks for visiting and commenting, I really enjoy your blog! Good on you for not letting the bullies stifle your creativity!

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