Yellow in the kitchen

Right now I’m looking for ways to inject some yellow into my new kitchen

yellow stripes painted on a wall?

If only I could find some french bistro style stools like this in yellow and white

french bistro breakfast stool

french bistro breakfast stool

Where can I get these in Perth??! Could I possibly have some made with yellow woven into that white? Just like there is blue woven into the same seats here in this kitchen. Totally to die for isn’t it, there isn’t one thing I don’t like about this kitchen.

beautiful blue and white traditional kitchen

How about some yellow glass brick tiles to complete the look:

Yellow Glass Brick Tiles

Yellow Glass Brick Tiles - Crosby Tiles

These tiles are by an Australian tile manufacturer called Southern Cross Ceramics. I’ve used their mosaic tiles before in the bathroom and I love them. I’ve been looking for an excuse to use more brick style tiles!

What about one of these yellow wallpapers?

yellow and white wallpaper

yellow and white wallpaper

wisteria in yellow and white

yellow and white wallpaper - peony

peony in yellow and white

Ahhh yellow, how I love thee.


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7 Responses to “Yellow in the kitchen”

  1. little green road Says:

    just a thought,.. how does wallpaper fair in kitchens generally? i am thinking with the possible build up of steam, grease (not saying you cook unhealthy food).. but it does happen even in the best of homes.. will this have an effect to wallpapers?

    another thing is with the gorgeous stools – i personally wld move away fm material based stool covers, again, for the fear of food spilling etc, and stains.

    what do you think?

    • sweetunwrappinglife Says:

      The point about wallpaper in the kitchen is a good one. I think there are ways around it but the best one is to just avoid the food prep areas. I’m only thinking of putting it on one wall away from the rest of the kitchen.
      The chairs aren’t actually fabric they’re a wipe-able plastic nylon weave. Too tacky?

  2. little green road Says:

    btw i think the yellow kitchens rock!

  3. kaz Says:

    am loving striped of all sizes on walls, and love the yellow wisteria!

  4. kaz Says:

    am loving stripes of all sizes on walls, and love the yellow wisteria!

  5. asha Says:

    def not too tacky – plastic wld def work. love yr work lady! x

  6. Wallpaper Samples « sweet Says:

    […] range and its not overly expensive either. Here are the real life samples of the yellow wallpaper I blogged about earlier. I hung them up to help me try and […]

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