the rebuild

Its been a while since I posted a decent update on the renovation, so look out there are a few posts coming in a hurry.

That’s the way it is with renovation, there are times of nothing, then times of lots happening, then before you know it, its done! If a renovation is going well your times of nothing shouldn’t be very long, but they are often necessary, sometimes in this fast paced world its good to remember to let things take the time they are supposed to. You’ll end up with a better product in the long run.

Well my last post showed all the demolition. So this one is about the rebuild.

In the master bedroom we blocked up the back of the wardrobe we’d created and patched a massive part of the damaged wall.

master bedroom with new robe and repaired wall

Actually I was impressed at how easy it was to repair the wall, we got someone to do it, but afterward I realised it would be quite a simple DIY job for someone with a bit of nous. Essentially you remove with a chisel and mallet the damaged plaster. Which should be pretty easy seeing its damaged. Then you fix a piece of plaster board to the brick work and patch with filler the join to the plaster. Hopefully we dont have more damaged walls but I think you could seriously repair one if you needed to.

In the kitchen we had the wall rebuilt and plastered.

kitchen wall rebuilt

The wall was built out into the laundry, which has a sloping ceiling (seeing its in part of the back verandah). So we chose to deal with the uneven ceiling by putting in a small bulk head. It will sit over the upper-cabinets nicely, and actually helps define the space a bit.

plastered walls and small bulk head

The plasters even put back the period rail detail. I love attention to detail.

Rail detail found in kitchens and bathrooms in period homes (turn of the century to the 60's)

The bathroom we extended into the hall has had a new floor put in and the walls repaired and re-plastered. I even spent several hours scraping layers and layers of paint off that window. The problem with paint is there is only one real way to strip it. Elbow grease and patience.

new plumbing and flooring in the extended bathroom

We had most of the ceilings removed and replaced.

ceilings removed

While we were at it we put back in some period details like deco-style ceiling roses.

deco style ceiling rose in the lounge

In the back enclosed veranda we sectioned off a small 2x2meter room as an Office/Sewing room!!!

new stud wall creating our study/sewing room

Doesn’t it already look better now that half the terrible purple wall is covered up!

Out the back all the dead trees have been removed and chipped. We had a pretty serious hiccup along the way when we figured out why all the trees were dead. Someone had killed them because they were interfering with the sewer. They did a dodgy DIY job which resulted in more damage to the sewer, and us having to replace the entire thing. I’m a great believer in DIY but sometimes its ok to call a trade. They know what they are doing.

backyard, in blank slate stage

Essentially we have the shell of the house back, now it’s on to the fitting and fixtures.


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4 Responses to “the rebuild”

  1. little green road Says:

    amazing how far the house has come!!! well done guys!

  2. Liz Says:

    I’ve been searching for an art deco ceiling rose, where did you get yours? It’s gorgeous.

    • sweetunwrappinglife Says:

      Liz, I got it in osborne park, Chris Savage Plaster They can make you whatever you want but this was just one of their off the shelf designs. Good luck!

      • Liz Says:

        Oh darn, I live in the States, I was hoping you did, too. All of the art deco ceiling roses are in the UK, AU, and NZ – and I can’t find anyone who will ship one to me. Thanks for responding! I’ll keep searching the USA for something like yours.

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