Oven Update

So I know I’ve devoted an entire post to ovens already but I thought I’d update you on the final result.

I love traditional ovens. Yes they are hard to find here in Perth and they can be expensive. I very nearly bought this oven:

Fratelli Onofri oven

I know it’s not white and silver (my dream combination) but I figured I could make it work. It was a good price for a period style oven with a great load of features. However, just before I bought it I read some reviews that pointed out the internal capacity of the oven was very small. So I panicked. The reviews suggested I go down to a show room and take all my favourite baking pans and try them in an oven.

There isn’t a show room for the Fratelli Onofri here in Perth but (like a crazy lady) I packed up my stuff and headed down to the ilve showroom in Osborne Park. Lo and behold the 60cm oven wouldn’t fit a rectangular sized biscuit tin or my large roasting pan. Now I have no problem buying new baking pans BUT I know that when I cook a roast for the family I fill up that roasting pan. I also know my recipes for biscuits use up all the space on my baking tray, so having to use smaller tins and trays is going to be a problem. I also figured out that you can’t fit anything in the 30cm oven. Not a muffin pan, slice tray, standard dinner plate. Nothing. Biiig problem. If you’re paying money for a second oven, you want to be able to use it right?! Sure I could still put my rotisserie chicken in it, but I don’t think its economical to pay extra for what would essentially be a rotisserie oven.

I actually own an old 90cm double oven (60cm, 30cm) I can easily fit Everything in the 60cm oven and I can fit muffin pans, plates, slice trays all kinds of things in the 30cm. After asking why I was having trouble achieving the same thing, I found out that the way they make ovens has changed. These days the insulation and internal workings take up more room, internal capacity of an old 90cm oven is much larger. So I realised whilst I still wanted a double oven I was going to need an even larger one, the problem was we’d just finished fitting the kitchen assuming I would choose one of the 90cm double ovens.

So we went to plan….um ‘e’? I bought the cheapest 90cm oven we could find and here she is:

Cheapest 90cm Oven we could find

(Ovens should be a she right?) She’s being fitted this week and as they say ‘we’ll be cooking with gas’ – literally. Ugh, look at the fingerprints all over it already. Why do people love stainless steel so???

In case you’re wondering what I will buy one day when we do our extension, I’ve got my eye on the ilve 100cm double oven, beautiful!

100cm Nostalgie 6burner double oven

Yes its beautiful, expensive and I can have it in ANY colour I want with silver trim (as long as I order it 16WEEKS before I want it!)…one day.


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    Oven Update…

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