Art Prints for my Babies Rooms

I’ve wanted to buy some Art or at least Art prints for my girls rooms for a while now. I blogged a while ago about the free art here. I still wanted something else. I think I’ve finally found the artist who’s drawing what’s in my mind.

Oh Happy Day!

I have some clear visions of sweet little girls playing and being happy. Sarah Jane is great at capturing just that.

When I was little I had Yellow Holly Hobbie in my room. The images still sit in my mind today

Yellow and Brown Holly Hobbie

I also was given a felt coloured drawing from my very dear friend, who made it for me.

Felt Drawing Made for me as a Child

She was my ‘big girl’ friend. We’ve all had one, the girl you look up to and love and want to be just like.

These two things are great memories of things that adorned my walls. I want my children to have the same kind of memories of something in their own room.

My trouble now is choosing which one:

May Flowers - So sweet and pretty

April Showers - We love Gumboots and Umbrellas in our house

just a reminder how much I love them

My eldest has a 'birdy friend' just like this one, aptly this is her birthday month

I'm always happy to encourage a love of reading

we love tea parties and have them daily!

seriously I could go on…. I’ll decide, eventually. I’ll aim for them as birthday presents…. 2 months to decide.


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3 Responses to “Art Prints for my Babies Rooms”

  1. Shawna Erback Says:

    What a wonderful collection! I remember Holly Hobby too, my mom used to dress me up as her when I was little. Thanks for bringing wonderful memories with your art finds.

    Shawna Erback

  2. Von Says:

    Gorgeousness. That last print…I visited it on Etsy for weeks but never ended up buying it. And now my chickies are 7 and 8, it seems I missed the moment. Do it while they’re still little 🙂

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