Ships to Australia??!!

Often I just browse the net, wishing I could ship things to OZ, wishing that even those few places that do ship here weren’t so expensive on shipping. Well Look what I’ve just found! Urban Outfitters ship to Australia!

Urban Outfitters - ships to Australia

Yes, let me say it again, They ship to AUSTRALIA! For somewhere between 10 and 30USD. That’s fantastic! Sure I’m guessing you cant get that cool rocking chair shipped to you for 30USD let alone ‘free’ but I could totally buy the following items:

Yellow Grey Doona Cover

Yellow Grey Doona (Duvet) Cover (USD68)

UrbanOutfitters First Aid

First Aid Medicine Cabinet (USD24)

Yellow Pin Tucked Sun Dress

Yellow Pin Tucked Sun Dress (USD58)


Woven Black White Flats (USD28)

Blue Crochet Curtains

Faux Blue Crochet Curtains - for Bubs! (68USD)

Urban Outfitters really has some fun things, from homewares, to fashion to furniture. I’m seriously excited about this, I can’t believe the shipping is so cheap. In fact I’m a little skeptical so I’ve emailed the service center just to make sure it’s for real! If it is maybe you’ll see some of these items popping up in my posts in the near future.

I really wish there were stores like that here in Perth. Concept Stores. Well for now I’ll just shop on line! Happy Shopping.


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2 Responses to “Ships to Australia??!!”

  1. Jess Says:

    Oh yes it is true. Meanwhile, want some books? Go to for FREE shipping on ridiculously cheap books!!

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