How to make a Pillowcase with a border

yellow and grey pillowcase with border

I’ve made one of these pillowcases with a border of fabric before, but believe me I did it the HARD way.

I love linen with borders, my favourite doona cover has one.

White linen with border

My favourite doona cover

white linen with border

a border just helps finish it off

This little pillow I made for my eldest when she was born (yep that’s the one I did the hard way).

Elephant Baby Pillow with border

Elephant Baby Pillow

I admit I didn’t really pre-think that little elephant pillow, I had no pattern, it was one of those projects that you make decisions about as you go, which isn’t always the best way to work. I decided, for something that should be relatively simple, it was too hard and I wasn’t in a hurry to attempt it again.

bodgy corner from not pre-thinking this activity!

However while browsing one of my favourite blogs, Design Sponge. I came across this tutorial they recently posted: diy project: pillow shams

you too could make these

Go visit, the tutorial is thouroughly photographed. I had one of those ‘Uh Duh’ moments. Seeing it all photographed like that, really it IS very simple. Sometimes it just takes someone to show you.

If my sewing machine wasn’t all packed away I would be trying it out right now! I have a square version floating about in my head. For now it will just have to sit here on my blog hopefully inspiring someone else and one day I’ll might just have time to click back and give it a go.


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One Response to “How to make a Pillowcase with a border”

  1. Jess Says:

    Oooh!! I’ll do it! Well you’ve inspired me! I really want to get a whole heap of bright material and sew stuff… Why aren’t I doing this yet? I want to make some crazy creatures… and pillows… and look at all of those DIY projects on Design Sponge! Love it! Can we have a DIY day??

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