Our First Woman Prime Minister

This is post has nothing to do with what I normally blog about. However it is such a significant moment in our history I just had to mention, today, Australia got its first female Prime Minister, Julia Gillard. Now I have a lot of thoughts and even emotions about this turn of events. I am quite convinced that politics is a messy and often morally comprable game. Whilst I’m not going to go into my dislike or like, my opinions for or against Kevin Rudd, I do think no one deserves to be undermined in the way he has been. The way that seems acceptable in politics, and also the way our political system allows. His farewell speech brought me to tears. I felt he went out expressing great strength of character, dignity, pride and a genuine passion for this country. He hasn’t had a good rep lately, but it was clear today, he loves this country and his job. Whether hes done things right or wrong I believe he has done everything with the greatest of intentions.

The other side of this tale is the triumph of a woman. What a day in history. Julia has literally opened the path for young women everywhere. It occurred to me that one day, if my daughters should so wish they too could be Prime Minister. Now of course they could always have had that aspiration, but Julia has literally showed it can be done. I’m not sure politics is going to be the nicest place in the world to exist, but I have respect for those who believe they can make a change, who have a passion for this country and the well being of its people. Now if only all politicians truely felt this way in their core we might have less underhanded dealings and more successes that benefit our nation.


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