Help me choose an oven!

Ok I know you’re out there! (I have ways of seeing you clicking on my blog mwhahah). If you’re going to ever make a comment, do it on this post, I’d love to hear from you.

I need to choose an oven. I’ve got a real penchant for an ‘aga‘ style oven, but with the modern conveniences, like windows in the doors and programmable timers to switch on the oven while you’re out (or conversely turn it off). Problem is they are pretty expensive, however the sales are on and I’ve found a couple of bargains. I guess the downfall of bargains is that sometimes you dont get exactly what you want, you need to compromise.

The requirements I wont compromise on are: 90cm, free standing, double oven, as these are going to suit my cooking needs the most. Note in ovens I’ve found the second ovens have rotisserie functions… Sunday Roast at my house, cheesecake will be in the other oven!!

So far I’ve found these two ovens within my price range:

Ivory with crome and gold detail

Stainless Steel with Modern Details

Ideally I’d like this oven in BrightWhite or Stainless Steel but I can’t afford it.

My Dream Oven

So I have to choose between the others. I really quite like the cream oven but I think it will look funny in a white kitchen. I’m also not a fan of the gold details. As for the stainless steel I like it but its far more modern than I really had my heart set on. So do I go for the colour I want but not necessarily the style or do I go for the style but no the colour?!! A few more details that might help you help me. The cream oven is a Fratelli Onofri and I’d be buying it from Melbourne and having it shipped over. The modern oven is an ilve and I can get it from Harvey Norman.

If I do go for the cream what colour kitchen should I go for?

Ok weigh in with your opinions I’m looking forward to what all my lovely and creative friends have to say!


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3 Responses to “Help me choose an oven!”

  1. Jess Says:

    Hmmm… Well firstly I’d like to say, “When’s dinner?”

    Secondly, I see your problem! Does it come in red?? While I prefer the style of the cream version, I HATE the gold (but I’m an anti-gold-er so… yes.) but it definitely has nicer knobs and little clockey-timer thingy than the stainless. But the stainless is a much neater looking item but I guess loses the sexiness of the cream one. hmm… TRICKY!! No wonder you’re pulling out your hair. Personally, I’d either keep looking (yikes) or choose the stainless steel because it IS white and IS still rather beautiful. Really, neither of them look like real agas anyway so unless you’re going to put an original aga into your kitchen then you need to consider it as a completely different product.
    My vote is for the stainless steel but then again, you know we have very different tastes 🙂 And if I was going to choose one for YOU I’d choose the cream. I’m sure the gold isn’t as gold as the photos.

    • sweetunwrappinglife Says:

      Jess it does come in red, but not the kinda red you like. I’m an anti golder too.
      I’ve actually decided it’s back to the drawing board. I nearly decided to just live with the gold but then I read a review saying that the internal space of the oven doesn’t even fit a standard biscuit tray! OUT! After reading that I’ve learnt most 60, 30 new (90cm) double ovens dont have great internal space. I even took my favourite baking and cake trays to the store and tried them in the ovens (yes I looked like a crazy bag lady but it was the best thing to do, I’d highly suggest it if you’re buying a new oven). So I’m back to searching for the perfect oven.

  2. Chris Says:

    Definitely the stainless steel one – Cream and Gold will look really out of place in a white kitchen – the cream will always look a little bit dirty – just made the mistake of getting glossy white doors on a regular white filing unit / storage combination. The glossy white fronts look fantastic with their matte chrome handles, but they make the rest of the unit look dirty…
    As for roast and cheesecake – I’m free most Sundays 😉

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