Art from the soul

Not long ago I blogged about those sweet free bookplates. At the time I wanted to share a free art site I’ve used but I couldn’t find it at the time.

Never fear, all good things come to those who wait. Aptly, its called Feed Your Soul. It’s a site showcasing artists and it has monthly free downloads by them. Just for you!!!

I’ve been loving Tanya Newbery for a while now, especially for Nursery prints.

Stealing a Star

You can buy more of her prints from Etsy to go with your free print from Feed Your Soul.

I’ve actually downloaded this free delightful print from Majorie Ann Velez

Apple Picking Fairies

There are so many other great prints

Sweet Birdies

Pretty Blossoms

the love tree

Don’t download from here. Go to the Feed Your Soul site and download their larger PDF files. Happy browsing.


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    […] I’ve wanted to buy some Art or at least Art prints for my girls rooms for a while now. I blogged a while ago about the free art here. I still wanted something else. I think I’ve finally […]

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