Restoring Perth

I often complain about the lack of products and variety in Perth. However I think part of this ‘problem’ is actually a lack of information or access to what is actually available. Listen up shop owners of Perth….make your store, product or service accessible. No longer is  word of mouth, or ‘my mother told me about it’ going to cut it. Get a good website, put the word out there do what you can to let us know you exist and have something to offer.

We’ve spent the better part of 4years (or is it 5?) restoring our federation home. I’ve looked and looked for period products and recycled antique fittings or even reproduction or ‘in keeping’ products. Very difficult to find in Perth. I could launch into a whole tirade about how close minded the people of Perth are and complain about their love of cookie cutter ‘New’ which is often poor quality at sky high prices. I could stand up and state we shouldn’t just accept what’s given to us and we should, as consumers, demand variety and quality. I wont. Instead I want to show you Perth’s best kept secret for renovators of period homes.

Subiaco Restoration

Subiaco Restoration

If you’re thinking, federation, old fashioned, wooden, classic, timeless, shaker style, craftsmanship, quality, period, styling then this is the place for you. Subiaco Restoration. Its the best place to find reproduction fixtures and finishing. Fireplaces, period style bathroom cabinets,tiles, mirrors, lights, wooden doors and window frames, awnings.

Shaker Style Bathroom Mirror (Check out whats in the reflection, period style bathroom fixtures)

Its also a renovators DIY heaven.

warehouse full of decorative molded wood

warehouse full of decorative molded wood

It’s full of moulded wood, decking, cladding, paneling, posts and rails. Latches, handels, door knobs. It’s a period style bunnings.

retro handles

a tiny selection of the hundreds of handles and pulls they have

I snapped a few photos on my I-phone to give you an idea because frankly their website is just rubbish. It doesn’t work well or give you a proper impression of the place, the navigation is tiny and easy to miss. I think its probably a little dated too. I wish it was better because I might have discovered this place a long time ago. I’m not sure my photos are much better but trust me it’s worth going there.

Period Hardware Perth

Period Latches, Handles, Signs, Awnings and MORE!

All’s well that ends well, we’re now restoring our ‘new-old’ 40’s/50’s war home. It’s going to be a great go to place. Now if only I could find a great reclamation yard I’d be set.

Woven Wire Handles

Loving these handles, surely I can find a use for them somewhere


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3 Responses to “Restoring Perth”

  1. kaz Says:

    niiiice one babe, loving the pics and info! thanks for sharing! also discovered some of the above bits & pieces at early settler/recollections in innaloo x

  2. sweetunwrappinglife Says:

    Recollections has some of these things and we have shopped there in the past but they are reducing their range and the prices are a little higher. Subi Restoration is the size of a Bunnings and it has so much more!

  3. Britt Says:

    Claire, I absolutely agree with you! We used Subiaco Restoration in sourcing fittings and floor timbers and lots more besides, when renovating our place. Whilst I found their range great for us, their website was appalling!
    I am very drawn to the comfortable vintage look, but I really like modern too in the right setting. The problem is that “modern” equates more often than not, to cheaply made, poor quality and ridiculously expensive! Not helpful!
    Living in Melbourne is an eye-opener after Perth. Too much choice! I am happy to return to Perth, but little things like this can be frustrating, and boy am I going to miss the shopping!!!

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