Times New Roman, is lame.

Now I know this isn’t something you all think about but you should. Never underestimate the power of a font. Its something we are all conditioned to subconsciously read, purely by being exposed to media. What you see is there to make you think or feel a certain way or notice something in a particular order. It’s all done on purpose. So whether you are making a poster in word or writing a job application think about the font you are using. Times New Roman, is lame. It’s like picking Hog Bristle for your walls. Or I think if you lived in the UK it’s equivalent would be Magnolia. Okayyyy….I actually have Hog Bristle on my bedroom wall in the new house, its classic, it has its place. So yes, Times is a classic and it certainly has its place, but it should no means be used all the time.

Just don’t stop at Times is all I’m saying. Take some time to look at fonts. The way certain letters take on their shape, my favorites are ‘a’ ‘g’ and ‘l’ they will give you a good look at the difference between the font.

There are some beautiful traditional fonts out there. There are also lots of fun new fonts. Think about how your document reads. Doesn’t a headline on a poster look punchier in a nice thick clean font?

thick and clean, quick to read

Aren’t script style fonts romantic and personal? Then don’t use them when writing a resume.

leave the script fonts where they belong - and look beautiful

If you want to appear modern, don’t use a dud techno-mock computer font, use something crisp and clean.

Modern Clean Olympic Goodness

Don’t be restricted by the fonts that came with your computer. There are tons of websites out there offering free fonts for your downloading delight. Once you get excited you can even buy some!

So what started this long tirade about the importance of font, well today I stumbled across this. Its no where near as serious as I made out choosing a font to be but how fun to at least get you thinking. Or if you’re a font lover like me, have a good ‘in-house, shop-talk’ giggle, although it does make some good choices!

Choosing a Font by Julian Hansen

Oh my graphic design teacher would be so proud.


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