Nursery Wallpaper Inspiration

I’m working on refinishing a cupboard for my eldest’s new room. I’ve been searching out wallpaper to line the back of it.

stripes might be nice

I’ll do a post on all this later but I couldn’t help share some adorable wallpaper I found for a nursery.

elephant nusery wall paper border

elephant nursery wall paper border

Can you imagine this adorable elephant parade around your child’s nursery and how much the bright red elephant march would delight them?

sweet duck wall paper

Or this nursery wallpaper called ‘tweet dreams’ perfect for a neutral nursery!

When my eldest was born I really wanted to put up some wall paper in her room but it was so hard to find nice kids wallpaper in Perth. I finally found this beautiful red and white circus wallpaper, looking super cheerful here next to these bold red stripes,

Red Circus Wallpaper

I think it looks like a modern take on Toile Wall Paper, perfect for a nursery. They’re all from Porters Paint, so is it any wonder I’m back there browsing wallpapers for the wardrobe?! It makes me happy to find such lovely wallpaper in Perth.

That’s the bitter-sweetness of this city. If I’m frustrated trying to find something, someone else usually is too its this that leads to possibilities. Perth is a great place for anyone with enough ‘gumption’ (I think thats how my grandma would have put it) to see a need and make a successful business. Its the smallness of the city that leads to a lack of choice but its also its smallness that allows people to make their creative mark. If you have a good idea, quality product you’re bound to get a hearing here. People are hungry for ideas and great products.


4 Responses to “Nursery Wallpaper Inspiration”

  1. asha Says:

    love the elephants!

  2. kaz Says:

    thanks for this post clara! ive been toying with the idea of wallpapering instead of repainting this awful red-brown-muddy like feature wall left behind by the previous owners…think im convinced! the search is on! x

  3. kaz Says:

    urk…if anyone can do it, you & dave can babe! any updates on your wallpaper search?? ive been trawling the net for them & having fun browsing! x

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