Quick Dessert

Ok ever feel like something sweet after dinner but you’ve got nothing? Had a surprise dinner guest the day Before the weekly shop and After the shops are closed? Here’s something you can make at the drop of a hat, it will take you less than one minute I promise, and it will still be elegant and impressive.

Its home made chocolate sauce. I don’t like chocolate sauce, that sticky syrupy gross stuff, off the shelf, from the shops. My husband is the same, he almost wouldn’t give it a try the first time I made it, but he knows my cooking is often worth the risk. We both love this. This is chocolate sauce for grown-ups (although your kids will devour it too).

You should have all the ingredients in your pantry/fridge. Well I always do. The only thing that sometimes is missing is the cream but a quick trip to the corner deli or servo will fix that in seconds.

30 Second Home Made Chocolate Sauce

Dark Homemade Chocolate Sauce - Easy

Homemade Chocolate Sauce - Easy


50g Dark chocolate broken into pieces (from fridge is preferable)

3 Tblspns Thickened Cream

2 Tblspns Castor Sugar

Place all ingredients in a ceramic bowl (never use wood or plastic when dealing with chocolate). Heat for 20-30seconds on high, or as long as you need to in your microwave. Cream should be runny and hot but your chocolate wont be completely melted. Stir well until sugar and chocolate is dissolved and all ingredients are combined into chocolate sauce.

Serve on its own with fruit to dip in. Or serve it with icecream, throw in some strawberries or banana or frozen berries. No-one will turn their nose up at this. This is a really flexible recipe, you can adjust it to your taste or thickness of sauce, I never measure the ingredients I just eyeball it. If 20-30seconds does not suit your microwave you just need to be careful to not over cook it. Increase your cooking time by 10second intervals. Allow the hot cream to melt the chocolate for you as you stir. I usually end up stirring for a minute or two.

How about serving it with a hot brownie (you know from my fantastic Brownie Recipe?)

Homemade Chocolate Sauce with Brownies

Homemade Chocolate Sauce with Brownies

The best thing about this is that you can pop any left overs in the fridge and it becomes a fudge! mmm.


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One Response to “Quick Dessert”

  1. asha Says:

    oh, i see the brownies hv made an appearance in this pic!! 🙂 yum yum!!!

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