My Favourite Canadian Mum

My best-friends leave me. They do. Become my best-friend and you’ll up-sticks and leave this city. I try not to take it personally but I do wonder….  I tell myself I’m just attracted to fun, vibrant, adventuresome people. People who are willing to take the scary plunge of moving cities and even countries.

That’s what my best friend Sherri did. She used to live here. We had such a great time. We’ve worked together. We lived in the same neighborhood. We had our first babies together. She was part of my wedding (pregnant and all!). She was my morning coffee buddy. (even after we stopped work we’d meet at the local coffee shop every other day, prams in tow). She shares my love of good food and wine. She also shares my love of craft, art and good design. She is one chic girl. Her style is inspirational. In fact I don’t think she even realises how clever she is, or how much she inspires me. Clearly her new home city of Vancouver has realised. She’s been nominated as one of the top Mum (or as they say ‘mom’) blogs in Vancouver.

I can see why. She’s so good at spotting that special piece. Whether it be home wares or clothes or a general good idea. She can pull it all together in a classic yet individual way. Her blog is her exploration of all these things:

Inspirational home design

Sarah's House - a great designer

Fun, original fashion

Toms Shoes - Fashionable and Functional

Toms Shoes - Fashionable and Functional

Plus some of her own clever decorating

So Much To Love - Stylin' Nursery

So this post is to ask you to not only check out her fabulous blog, So Much To Love. But to VOTE for her. Go HERE, scroll down and click on Sherri Birt – So Much to Love. The voting ends Friday and you can only vote once a day, she is really close to winning but she’s vying with another great blogger for the title. She is really my favourite Vancouver Mum. Lets help her win!


4 Responses to “My Favourite Canadian Mum”

  1. asha Says:

    so well written claira! very proud of you! and ofcoz sherri has been voted for! iv been doing it everyday 🙂

  2. somuchtolove Says:

    Aww… thanks Claire! You forgot to mention that we also used to buy our groceries together. hehe.

  3. Thanks Claire! « so much to love. Says:

    […] blog, Sweet Unwrapping Life, as one of my “Blogs of the Week” but after her lovely post and kind words I can wait no longer. she even uses sewing patters written in […]

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