Kitchen Quandries

So today I’m thinking about kitchens. Before we bought the house this was the kitchen, how the old owners had it

Kitchen 'Before'

Kitchen 'Before'

By the time we got it we were left with 1.5 meters of sink with some old 40’s cupboards and a crappy old stove, that’s it. For someone who loves cooking that’s just not good enough. So we did this (as you saw yesterday)

removing the chimney breast and kitchen cupboards

Now there will be my ‘dream’ kitchen in the new extension but that’s some years away, although it could be something like this:

something like this

something like this

or this

or this

Ha ok maybe not, but a girl can dream, I might take some ‘influences’. Of course there is the kitchen inspired by ‘Something’s Gotta Give’ which I fell in love with the second I saw the movie but I’ve already dedicated a whole post to that!

So for now we’re going to put in something cheap and cheerful. Here cheap means white cabinets, its the Henry T Ford approach to kitchens. You can have any colour you want as long as its white. So white cabinets it is, thanks to IKEA. At the same time I want something appealing, fresh and bright, how do I achieve that easily for the lowest possible cost?

I started searching out ideas. Choosing a colour was daunting me so I thought what if I really went with the white idea and had white everywhere, a bit like these all white kitchens:

All White Kitchens

I really like all these kitchens but I think partly what makes these work is the details in the cabinetry. The white is there to ‘show off’ the quality and details. My white cabinets are very plain, I’m worried all that white might just show off that there isn’t anything to show off! So I searched out ways to ‘help out’ a white kitchen and realised I could introduce colour and detail by focusing on the shelves and the back of the overhead cabinets:

Introduce Colour with Shelves and Overhead Cabinets

Ways to Introduce Colour into a Kitchen

I love the idea of painting or wallpapering the back of the overhead cabinets. If you can’t afford overhead cabinets open shelves allow your fun crockery to do the decorating for you.

The other thing I found that kept drawing my eyes as I searched was dark counter tops in white kitchens, even simple ones seemed to give white kitchens an elegance and a focal point.

Dark Kitchen Counter tops

Dark Kitchen Counter Tops in White Kitchens

I still can’t decide. Finally here’s a round up of kitchens I thought were fun.

Fun Kitchens

  • Grey – I’m really into grey at the moment and I’m loving how they’ve included it in this kitchen without it feeling cold.
  • These oversized wall cabinets are fantastic. Overall this isnt a very fancy kitchen at all but those top cabinets make it stand right out.
  • Ok I’ve said it before, I love yellow, I would have such fun in this kitchen, I also love the way it embraces the galley kitchen.
  • I know that last one is in here again but…well I love yellow, I love that yellow kitchen stool, you may see this again.

These images can be found at Decor Pad, Apartment Therapy, or kitchenisms


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3 Responses to “Kitchen Quandries”

  1. Jas (The Gluten Free Scallywag) Says:

    I do so love kitchens and am looking forward to my dream kitchen being made a reality…..once I find a home large enough to fit it in of course! good luck with yours!

  2. lesley Says:

    fun! we’re getting set for a kitchen reno ourselves, probably in october. we’ll likely head to white cabinetry too, and grey as it’s my fave, but i love trying to choose a colour to be the accent, too many choices! love the pics you found for inspiration.

    • sweetunwrappinglife Says:

      Oh Kitchens are so fun, daunting but fun. I think because they are so essential to a home. One that is done well really embraces the house and the family unit. If only my kitchen looked like the inspiration pics, ahhh one day, next renovation. Good luck with yours.

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