Time to Craft

Finally, time to craft. We have been crazy busy with the renovation of the new-old house. I’ve had no time to craft and I desperately wanted to. Easter thankfully brought a forced, but welcome, break to all the rushing around and I got in two and a half projects! (The half project being the Japanese!)

I managed to make a baby blankie for a friend who’s just found out she’s having a boy. It needs a finishing stitch but its that minky fabric, boy is it slippery. Once I’ve worked out how to nail that I’ll post photos.

Winter is starting to give summer a little kick up the pants. I mean its going to be 24C all week (I actually find anything less than 25 cold) wowee! So I also made a jumper for my eldest.

Toddler Jumper, non raglan sleves, contrasting rib details

A new jumper for winter

I overestimated how big she actually is so it SWIMS on her but she looks cute and its great to wear with leggings. Plus hopefully she will be able to wear it for a while. I guess that will teach me and my non-pattern using ways – it wont stop me though! I tried to make it look a bit more professional and less home-made by adding some over-locking details.

Contrasting ribbing, overlock detail

Contrasting ribbing and overlock detail

I wish now I had used raglan sleeves but in reality I didn’t have enough fabric. I was just using up leftover fabric and being easter Nothing was open. I made the sleeves so long the cuffs have to be turned up so that you can see her hands. I think its a pleasant mistake.

easy neckline

easy V neckline

This V neckline is super easy. The best thing about it is you put it on the person and cut the neckline how you want it to look when its finished. You then stitch on the ribbing using a seam the same width as the ribbing and you have the perfect neckline.

When I said nothing was open, I mean nothing was open. I had planned to get some things for the house but apparently everyone left the city, shop owners included. As a consequence tomorrow is a really busy day. I doubt my little Japanese project will get a look in this week. Such a shame I’m dying to see if I’m clever enough to finish it!


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