Kids Sewing + Japanese Pattern Book = ???

turning Japanese, oh yes I’m turning Japanese, I really think so, da daa da da da dah daaaa…  I’ve had that song stuck in my head since I started this project.

Ondori Pattern Book

Pattern I'm making from Ondori Pattern Book

I’m super excited about it, but its a little harder than I thought.

no english!

no english!

See that “g” its the only bit of English in the entire book. Sorry I lie, the word Simple is in English too. Here’s hoping!

Japanese Pattern Book Confusion

A head scratching moment

So I’m standing here with all this and even trying to figure out which piece goes with the pattern I’m making is difficult.

Japanese Pattern Book Diagrams

Japanese Diagrams

The diagrams are few, I have to rely on them solely because I have NO IDEA what any of that says.  To me they say, “sew this to that and then you’re finished!”. Somehow I think there are a few more steps than that!

Regardless of all that I’m hopeful I can figure it out, and I’m no way put off buying the book. I’m already searching for what other books I want to buy!

Handmade For Children Japanese Pattern Book

Handmade For Children Japanese Pattern Book

This one for these patterns

Cute Japanese Pattern Book Skirts

Cute Japanese Skirts

Cute Japanese Pattern Book Jacket

Cuuuute Jacket!

Or maybe this

Lets Go Out Japanese Dress Pattern Book

Lets Go Out Japanese Dress Pattern Book

For these Patterns

Japanese Pattern Book Dress

Pleated Bodice Dress

Japanese Pattern Book Winter Jacket

Winter Jacket

I must see if I can use the one I’ve got first!


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