Laundry Room Makeover

I’m searching for green laundry rooms. My husband hates green, he has a right, for some reason every house we buy has been painted a hideous, almost fluorescent lime alien green. Which is a nightmare to paint over. I have a feeling its because people are really trying to get a soft gardeny green and its just hard to do. Anyway, I think green can be good, when its done right. So I’m going to attempt it somewhere it doesn’t matter. The laundry. So far I’ve found these as inspiration:

I love this one, great green too:

green laundry room

Green Laundry Room

I dont like this colour green (ok its more of a minty blue/green) but I do like the laundry:

not the right green

Now there is only a bit of green in this laundry but I LOVE YELLOW, this is cool:

maybe I should go yellow, with a bit of green

Or I could just go with a hint on the wall paper. Actually I’m not going to do that, but I do love the brackets in this laundry:

Laundry, leaf wall paper, wall brackets

great wall brackets

I probably shouldn’t be searching out Laundry ideas at the moment as I have so much other more important stuff to do. Like Bathrooms. Perth really can be a one horse town. Basically if I dont want ultra modern and sleek (and I dont) if have no other choice. Sigh. Laundry seems like a safe space to be right now. I might even be found cowering in the corner next to the whirring washing machine surrounded by bathroom catalogs!


3 Responses to “Laundry Room Makeover”

  1. kaz Says:

    love the photos clara, so inspiring! love the yellow/green…although ive always thought a powdery blue is an apt colour for a laundry, being able to visualise the yellow in use in this way is definite go-er!

    cant wait to see what you finally come up with, i know itll be goood! x

  2. asha Says:

    looking forward to the final product. loving the yellow, but also love the room layout of the 2nd pic! very fresh, very inspiring!

  3. handy andy Says:

    I agree with Asha, the second one is fresh and bright. The third one (yellow) is a bit too overpowering for me. Our old house we painted a lot of living areas in a very pale green – I think it was Antique Lace but will check with CP.

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