SGG Love

Something's Gotta Give Lounge

Something's Gotta Give Lounge

I know, I know the entire world has blogged about their love for the Something’s Gotta Give house and its gorgeous style and their desire to have it for themselves. I’m no different. As the movie ended the first time I saw it, I turned to my hubby (then boyfriend) and said, I want that house. Fortunately he agreed with me and I knew he was the one. Ok he agreed with me but I doubt I had any such epiphany, although surely a marriage based the mutual appreciation of a movie set is bound to last the distance! It is handy that we have similar tastes when it comes to houses and decorating. Well its that or I’m just a big bossy boots and he goes along with it, which is likely….but I dont think its the case.

As I’m getting into the full swing of decorating our new-old house I’m surfing the web a lot for, products, trades, ideas and inspiration. Its a lot easier to plan a renovation at night when the kids are asleep. Our new-old house is far, far, faaaarrr cry from the SSG house, but I think even if I’m just inspired by it maybe I’ll be able to squeeze just a little bit of SSG elegance into my tiny 40’s war home. Tonight I found what I think is the most comprehensive deconstruction of the SSG design and what makes it work. Joni has posted in depth with great attention to detail, making sure you notice all the important elements that make the style what it is. Plus it has the greatest collection of photos I’m yet to see.

Something's Gotta Give Kitchen

Something's Gotta Give Kitchen

Whilst Joni’s post is mostly about how to replicate the style, I find mimicking something never really gets you there in the same lovely way. Its much better to be inspired by and then interpret it to suit you. As part of the blog she shows another gorgeous home that is inspired by the SSG home yet doesn’t copy it and I think I love it more.

Inspired By - the way to go

Inspired By - the way to go

If you love the Something’s Gotta Give home as much as I do, Joni’s post is worth a read!


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4 Responses to “SGG Love”

  1. little green road Says:

    you make me wanna go watch that movie again! x

  2. kaz Says:

    mmmm love love love! so want to redo our kitchen now! oh jonassss….!

  3. janine Says:

    …well i haven’t even hear off SGG?? but it DOES look like a nice pad!

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