just discovered

Ok so I just discovered the incredible style of Natalie Chanin from Alabama Chanin! It makes my heart sing.

Embroidered Quilted Corset Dress

All that gorgeous, old fashioned, history making stitching and sewing applied to gorgeous couture and homewares. Isn’t it exquisite?

embroidery and beading

She’s from Florence in Alabama and applies traditional sewing methods and techniques to fashion and home. The principle idea of the company seems to be time, quality and tradition. Like a home cooked meal, warming and meaningful.

I will admit the website is a little confusing, the purpose of it seems unsure, and is thus hard to follow. Do you buy the clothes? The fabrics? The patterns? A kit? I think its confusing because you can do it all.

Now its unlikely I’m going to fork out hundreds of dollars for some of her clothing but I’m pretty sure I could buy one of her how-to books and have a go at applying some of those gorgeous fabric treatments to some project of my own.

I think this book looks the most enticing

It looks seriously time consuming but sometimes that’s the fun of it. Partly why I love craft is  that its something that you can put time and love into. Every time I make a gift for someone I spend most of that time thinking about them; who they are, how I know them, why I love them, the things we’ve done together and the things I hope for them in the future. All that mental time and energy goes into what my hands are making. The other thing is craft is kept and appreciated. I love vintage pieces and the history that goes with them. I love thinking about the person that took the time to make the piece and the person they meant it for.

beautifully treated fabric

Now wouldn’t something like that be worth putting energy into and keeping for generations!


One Response to “just discovered”

  1. little green road Says:

    looks amazing claire, and something u can definitely get into. let me know when i can place an order.. x

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