everyone needs a matching hat

From now on every gift I make is coming with a matching hat.

I was making one of these cute market skirts (tutorial thanks to MADE) for a little friend of mine

Market Skirt

Market Skirt

Market Skirt

Off To Market

As I finished the one I was making as a gift I thought it needed something else to go with it. But what? What do you take to market? A bag? Done it! An applique top? Done it!

I started envisaging a little girl skipping to Market in the sunshine….She needed a Sun Hat. With all our hot hot sun, her mum would never have let her out of the house without her hat on. So I went on a net search and couldn’t find what I was looking for. So I grabbed one of my girls’ hats to see if I could deconstruct it. Lo and behold it actually looked quite simple. Do you know what? It was.

I ended up using the basic principles: 6 iron shaped pieces and two semi circles.

Then using some simple math (ie take the head circumference and divide it in 6, add seam allowances) and a bit of ‘winging it’ I came up with this:

Sun Hat

Matching Sun Hat

My oldest (who is two) was so into the into the idea she’s asking for one for herself and keeps ‘making’ hats for her friends!

hat making

making hats - just like mum

Look out, for the rest of summer we’ll be sun safe and cute in our house! I’m working on one for her now. This reversible sun hat really is a simple project, and so satisfying as it sews up so quickly. If you’re all lucky I might just post how to do it soon!

Here it is ready for a trip to market in the sunshine!

Matching Hat, Market Skirt

Matching Hat and Market Skirt


2 Responses to “everyone needs a matching hat”

  1. somuchtolove Says:

    Love it, Claire! You’re a genius!

  2. little green road Says:

    gorgeous photo of my munchkin! ps – i think the hat she made me was pretty sweet! x

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