Fabric Goodness!

Its here, its here, its here!!! I bought some fabric on-line and ITS HERE! I just heard a quiet knock on the door (thank you for not waking the girls from their naps!) and I rushed out the side door to see the Australia Post Parcel Van sitting on the street. Looking back at the front door I saw these two beauties…

USA Priority Post!

The very helpful Fabric Farm certainly made the most of my postage for me and filled it up with some Anna Maria Horner goodness

Folksy Flannel Yellows and Pinks

Folksy Flannel Blue, Green and Purple

Stocking up for winter bedding for the girls. Going to bed come winter time is going to be snuggly and fun!

I know I’m about a million years behind everyone in this fabric and its hard to get but I finally bought some…

Drawing Room - Sketch book

hopefully it will be decorating my bedroom very soon.


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2 Responses to “Fabric Goodness!”

  1. Jess Says:

    Have you made anything yet? My aunty helped me start a skirt yesterday. Thus far I have pieces of material cut out and some bits pinned but I am yet to turn my machine on. Scary stuff! But it can always be unpicked… it can always be unpicked…
    I’m off to the shops to buy some red thread now! My skirt is, of course, red 🙂
    Thanks for the link btw! I will do the same back 🙂

  2. sweetunwrappinglife Says:

    Hey Jess, no I’ve not cut into my AnnaMaria yet, (mwhaha sounds bloody). I’ve been busy with paper work for the new house! Looks like we’ll settle early. Be assured I’ll blog about it when I do (both the house and the useing of the fabric). Turn on your machine, release the sewer within, Blog about it. Can’t wait to see your progress, ask me if you want some advice! I would have been shocked to see anything but red!

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