frugal excitement

We have bought a new house. I’m calling it our ‘new old’ house because it’s in a terrible state. Our current plan is to do a cheap and cheerful renovation and move in, with the view to do a large extension in a couple of years. So I’ve been scouring the net for inspiration. I’m completely excited about seeing how good i can make the space on next to no money. Its funny that the challenge of not being able to spend a lot of money is exciting me.

We are going to make the sleep-out a play space for the kids, its just off the kitchen so it should be a great location. The problem is its a sleep out, so hot and so tiny. We’ll need somewhere to sit, and read and watch TV. I have this old wooden lounge, it used to be my Nan’s and she gave it to me when she down-sized her living.


the boat bed

boatbed with cushions

boatbed with cushions

I have so many memories of growing up around the ‘boat-bed’ as we called it. It’s been used at the Christmas table, turned around against the wall to give my baby brother somewhere to sleep, sat on a veranda and now it sits in my dining room. I think it will be just the right size for the play room. It’s small so we’re going to need more seating. Comfy, easy to move around and put away, fun seating. I think making some ‘Rollie Pollie’s‘ might be the trick.

Rollie Pollie

Rollie Pollie by Dana at MADE

Now the link is from a site called SYTYC (great idea huh!) but its Dana that I really love. Whilst they haven’t announced the winner and the associated crafter, this craft is clearly Dana’s. Clean, bright, fun, that’s her all over! (I’ll post a new link in when the tutorial comes through, because she’s going to win!) How fun are they? I’m going to have a great time choosing fabric and putting them in my new play room. I guess that means I’ll have to recover the boatbed to match my new Rollie Pollie’s! What a shame.

UPDATED: Here is the mini-tutorial, or you can buy the full-blown pattern from Dana’s store


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